Which Zara Aftershave Smells Like Creed?

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Which Zara Aftershave Smells Like Creed?

By taking a look around the internet and knowing people who use both, Zara Vibrant Leather is the one that smells similar to Creed Aventus.

Some people agree, some don’t. Keep reading to find out more.

My sister-in-law is a huge fan of creed the cologne. My brother balked at the price. He said “It better be liquid gold!” That was the exact phrase we all heard when he priced Aventus Creed for the first time.

So, we did a fun test of this.

His wife thinks he’s wearing creed Aventus but he is wearing Zara vibrant leather. He is putting the cash he saves to something he enjoys more (like expanding his game collection).

Total win for him if it works. So far, she has no idea. Wonder when he will break the news and how she will take it? We will update this post when we find out!

The Zara Aftershave That Smells Most Like Creed is…

So, to sum it up, the Zara fragrance that smells most like Aventus Creed is Zara “Vibrant Leather”.

What People Say About Zara and Creed Similarities

Creed Aventus

A fruity rich fragrance. It is made with all-natural ingredients. Not synthesized.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Blackcurrant leaves, apple, pineapple.

Middle Notes: Pink Berries, Birch, Patchouli, and Jasmine

Base Notes: Musk, Oak Moss, Vanilla, Ambergris.

Zara Vibrant Leather

Top Notes: Lemon and Bergamot

Middle notes: Leather and Bamboo

Base note: Patchouli.

“I wear Vibrant Leather everyday for work, perfect cheap fragrance that smells great in my opinion. I’ve just been shopping and testing out some frags I’ve not had before and sprayed Aventus on myself to give it a good go to see what all the fuss is about.

In my opinion (!) it is indistinguishable from Vibrant Leather, I imagine the Creed will last a lot longer but for straight up smell off I can’t tell the difference!”

Reddit User

“Vibrant leather is an Aventus clone minus the smokey base. I’ve had people ask me if I’m wearing Creed Aventus whilst wearing it. It’s very nice but as people have said the longevity is poor.”

Reddit User

“got vibrant leather last week and smells better then my 4 aventus batches and lasts longer.”

Reddit User

What People Say About Zara And Creed Differences

Zara is without the smoky note that Aventus Creed gives off.

Does not last near as long is a common complaint.

It is a fraction of the price of Aventus Creed.

“I own both and Zara smells similar, but lack the citrusy scent opening, dry down is 90% similar, but Zara is weaker. It didnt last very long, after 3 hrs I can’t even smell skin scent lol. To my nose Zara touch the surface of Aventus. When I put them both together to compare, Aventus smells deeper, there is so much going on while Zara is pretty nice, but simple and lack of the complexity.”

Reddit User

“I bought Vibrant Leather today, after reading tons of great reviews.

What can I say… For 20€ it’s amazing.

And yes, it is an Aventus clone.

Reddit User

It starts off almost perfectly like Aventus, a bit more alcoholic though.

Unfortunately, it’s gone very quickly and gets quite citric.

The basenote is quite similar to Aventus again. Not a 100% like it started out though.

Projection and longevity aren’t great unfortunately – so you better keep it with you and keep spraying every few hours ;)”

Reddit User

Price Comparison Between Zara and Creed

So let’s get to the nitty gritty details.

Creed Aventus sells in bottles of: 50ml to as much as 1000 ml. The 50 ml bottle sells at $325.00 and the price maxes out at 1,600.00 for the 1000 ml bottle.  This is a true luxury brand with a luxury price tag.

Zara Vibrant Leather sells in bottles of 20 ml to 120 ml (There is rumor that in England they also sell 12 ml spray bottles.) This is priced much more competitively and is easier to obtain from just under $20 to $80.00.

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What Sizes Does Zara Come in & How Much Do They Cost?

Zara carries sizes:

Eau De Parfum is usually better and lasts longer than it’s Eau De Toilette Counterpart.

Eau De Parfum has a higher amount of oil in the formula therefore it lasts longer on the skin and does not evaporate as quickly. This allows the Eau De Parfum scent to subtly linger on the skin longer with less chance of it wearing off.

Eau De Toilette usually replaces a portion of the oil with water allowing for lower prices.


Okay, just between you and me, We are cheapskates.

Always have been, always will.

I always opt for Eau De Toilette.

Don’t judge me.

My reasoning behind this is because the scent still lasts for a good few hours, typically 4-6 hours.

And if I’m being honest, my husband only really ever use aftershave when we’re going out.

Oh yeah, he will have a splash before he goes to work every day as well.

But, in truth, he never actually uses it for it was actually intended for “After Shaving”.

Now, I know there will be those of you who much prefer Eau De Parfum, simply because the scent lasts for the majority of the day.

And sometimes even well into the following day (if you haven’t showered, you Dirty Bertie).

But as I’ve mentioned, I am a bit of a cheapskate.

The Zara Vibrant Leather aftershave typically costs $16 for 100ml of Eau De Toilette and $27 for 100ml of Eau De Parfum.

So, I know which one I’m going for every time.

However, if the additional 10-12 hours of smelling great (even while you’re asleep and no-one notices) then don’t let me stop you.

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