Which Baby Stroller Is Right For You?

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Baby Stroller Guide

There are so many different names and options for baby strollers that shopping for one can be overwhelming. In fact, it was so confusing for us we waited until after the baby was born to buy one!

This actually caused a few problems so we here at Sweet Gift Lists aim to break it down to make it a little easier on you!

First, let’s start with the different names and descriptions for strollers.

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Other Baby Stroller Names

Buggy: All-inclusive term that describes all of the items below.

Pram: Usually a cart that describes a lay down flat type of buggy. It is basically a bassinet with wheels. These do not collapse down for easy storage.

Pushchair: A type of stroller that is more like a chair with wheels. I suppose you could say the same about strollers except these sit-up straight and often do not contain a stroller cover.

Stroller: The most common term and also widely used as a catch all term for all cart, buggy, etc. This describes a sit up type of cart. Most strollers are collapsible for easy storage. They are also usually lightweight.

Second, lets go over the different types of baby strollers and their descriptions, so you can make the best choice for your situation.

Types Of Baby Strollers

Double stroller: These are made for families that are having twins or for families with more than one young child as these strollers have double seats.

Full-sized stroller: These bad boys usually have all the features

Jogging stroller: These are made with real tires so they can go on most terrains. They are made for maneuverability. They are usually a little bit longer and have suspension so baby does not shake around. The tires also make going up and down curbs a breeze.

Lightweight Stroller: These are usually made for quick on the go set up. They are lightweight, easily collapsible, and don’t take up much room. They are usually made for babies over 6 months and are not very tall. They also cut out many of the features you can get with other strollers.

We bought one when we traveled to visit family. We personally did not like these as we are tall people and it did not adjust to our height. We also did not like the soft wheels that seemed to scuff and scrape on all floor types.

Travel system: These come with the newborn carrier, the car insert, and the stroller. Some even convert to regular strollers after the newborn phase for toddlers.

The Best Baby Stroller Travel System

We think the best baby strollers are the all in one jogging travel systems and we recommend them for every family!

They come with a newborn carrier, the car insert, and the stroller. Often the stroller is made to accommodate newborns all the way to toddlers. This can save you a ton of money.

They are more expensive upfront than just buying a single stroller, but if you add up all the money it takes to buy each one of these things individually you will see you actually pay less for the travel system.

We also believe the value is higher since you don’t have to replace the travel systems with bigger sizes since they are made to last throughout the toddler stage.

(Please read each description on the product carefully as each one is slightly different.)

Basically, you buy one travel system and you are set!

Our Final Recommendation

If we had to pick a specific travel combo it would be the jogging travel systems even if you are not a jogger.

They are longer than the typical system so navigating small spaces like department stores can be a bit tricky and they do take up slightly more room in the trunk.

We also found them to be a little taller than normal strollers which for this momma was great because the other strollers were too short!

The benefit is that they navigate most terrains where the other systems do not. So, if you like flea market, fair shopping, and trips to the zoo, these can be a god send for the different types of terrain.

Also, regular stroller wheels can tear up easily where the jogging ones do not because they have small tires versus plastic wheels. Just food for thought.

We personally use the jogging one and have never had to replace anything or buy another stroller. My sweet baby is now three and the jogging travel system still looks and acts brand new.

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