What Purses Are In Style 2021? (and Top 10 Popular Purse Types)

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What purses are in style 2021?

The types purses that are popular and in style for women in 2021 are…

  • Purses that are pleated or ruffled.
  • Purses with acrylic handles or straps.
  • Purses with feathers.
  • Puffy pillow like purses.
  • and believe it or not chainmail. Chainmail Handles and straps or a chainmail purse.

What Purses Are In Style 2021What Purses Are In Style 2021


Next we’ll talk about the 11 most popular purse styles.

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Popular Types of Purses

Handbags and shoulder bags are the most popular styles for ease of use and everyday wear. There are so many styles and colors that it’s hard to choose.

If you are like me you change your purse weekly or even monthly.

For some women it is shoes but for me it’s purses.

I do have other favorites like the hobo bag or messenger bag it’s according to what I’m doing or where I’m going.

Messenger bags, wristlets, and mini purse backpacks are the bags I recommend for teenagers. More than likely all they need is a small purse to carry personal items because they already have those disturbingly giant backpacks.

Unless of course they are learning online. Even then, small is better.


11 Popular Purse Styles

1. Handbag

Characterized by having handles for holding on in the hands or at the elbow.

What Purses Are In Style 2021: Handbag Example
Handbag Example


Types of Handbags: Knot Bag, Hat Box Bag, Box Bag, Barrel Bag (aka Boston Bag), Single Handle Handbag, Double Handle Handbag, Accordion Style Handbag, Trapeze Handbag, Half Moon Handbag, Ruffle Handbag, Hobo Bag,


2. Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are always popular. They come in every size and color. Shoulder bags do just what they are named for as they hang from the shoulder.

What Purses Are In Style 2021: Shoulder Bag Example
Shoulder Bag Example


Types of Shoulder bags: Baguette Bags, Bucket Bags, Sling Bags, Pochette, Hat Box Bag, Box Bag, Messenger Bag,


Note: There are also purses that can be both a handbag and a shoulder bag as they have handles and a strap.

3. Crossbody

Crossbody bags have a long strap that crosses over the body to the other side.

What Purses Are In Style 2021: Crossbody Example
Crossbody Example

Types of Crossbody bags: Baguette Bag, Sling Bags, Camera Bag

4. Tote bag

There are 2 types of tote bags one is for the grocery store for grocery shopping and is usually made it cheaper or recycled materials and is thinner the other.

The other is a full-blown purse. These purses are usually made a thicker material such as leather and may have internal dividers.

They are both made to do the same thing which is carry or tote your stuff.

Sometimes women use tote purses instead of briefcases.

I’m sure it depends on the style size and look up said tote.

Types of Tote Bags: Diaper Bags, Shopper Bags,

5. Clutch

A Clutch is a small bag designed without handles designed to be carried by hand or under the arm.

What Purses Are In Style 2021: Clutch Example
Clutch Example


Types of Clutches: Envelope Clutch, Box Clutch, some Evening Bags, Minaudiere, Kiss Lock Clutch, Accordion Clutch

6. Backpack Purse

Backpack purses are smaller than typical backpacks and can be carried as a purse or a backpack.


7. Wristlet

Pouches or bags that hang from the wrist.


What Purses Are In Style 2021: Wristlet Example
Wristlet Example


8. Hobo bag

Wikipedia says it best

“Why is it called a hobo bag?

Hobo bags are made out of soft, flexible materials and tend to slump, or slouch, when set down. … This style of purse is called a hobo bag because it resembles the shape of the bindle on a stick that hobos are portrayed as carrying over their shoulder in drawings and cartoons.”

What Purses Are In Style 2021: Hobo Bag Example
Hobo Bag Example

9. Messenger Bag

Also known as courier bag is a type of crossbody shoulder bag. Originated in America.


10. Satchel

Very Similar to Messenger bag but originated in England.


Mahi Leather says

“What is the difference between a satchel and a messenger bag?

Satchels have a long shoulder strap which allows the wearer to carry the bag on the shoulder and let it ride on the hip or wear it diagonally across the body. … Messenger bags are usually wider than they are tall.”

11. Novelty Purses

Also known as quirky, funky, unusual, funny, and kooky bags. Novelty Purses are my favorite as they show your fun and humorous side! These bags come in every shape and size you can think of.

Have a thing for cacti? Don’t worry there is a purse for that.

What Purses Are In Style 2021: Novelty Purse Example: Cactus Purse
Cactus Purse

Buried treasure? Yep, there is a treasure chest purse.

Champagne? You’re covered.

Love Dessert? How about a pie or cake purse?

What Purses Are In Style 2021: Novelty Purse Example: Cake Purse
Cake Purse



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