Top Dinosaur Gifts For Adults And The Jurassic Obsessed

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While working on our article Top Dinosaur Gifts For Kids we ran across several dinosaur gifts for adults. We know not every adult loves dinosaurs, but for those that do we are happy to present this list.

Dinosaurs first appeared between 243 and 233 million years ago. After seeing their fossils and bones in museums they enraptured the human imagination. Even though they have been extinct millions of years, the world over knows what dinosaurs look like from these remains. It has been so ingrained in human culture that the most terrifying beasts to ever live are now plushies that children play with, lunchboxes, t shirts, and movies.

So if you are a dinosaur or Jurassic period enthusiast this list is for you!

What To Get An Adult Who Loves Dinosaurs? What Do You Buy A Dinosaur Lover?

From home decor, kitchenware, jewelry, clothing, to games and crafts there is a dino something in that category. Lucky you we have put a fair few in this list. While this is not the complete list we are sure you can find something for the dinosaur lover in your life.

What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Dinosaurs?

A Dinophile. According to the MacMillan dictionary, it is “a person who has a keen interest in dinosaurs.”

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Dinosaur Home Decor

3D Night Light: Tyrannosaurus Rex

3D light up tyrannosaurus rex night light. Lets your dino-lover light up the night to keep away the boogie man or just light up the night with a roar.

Dinosaurs In The Kitchen

Funwares NACHOsaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set

Cute nacho holder made to resemble stegosaurus with dish set matched. Let your snack time be a Jurassic hit.!

Funwares: TriceraTaco Holder

Funwares TriceraTaco Holder Ultimate Dinosaur Taco Stand, Holds 2, Green

Is your little carnivore hungry? This triceratops taco holder holds two tacos to calm your craving.

White Dinosaur Apron with Tool Pockets

Designer apron complete with tool pockets perfect for your brontosaurus burgers, pterodactyl wings, raptor ribs or just your next back yard barbeque.

Hidden T-Rex Ceramic Cup

Cobolt Blue Coffee Mug.

11 ounces.

Surprise the dino lover in your life or just keep this cup to surprise people in general. As you sip from this beautiful cobalt blue cup inside a tyrannosaurus head is revealed.

Funwares T-Rex Tea Infuser 

The tea infuser is designed to look like a tyrannosaur. Makes Jurassic fun of making a family sun tea. This little infuser is cute stylish and will have people mesmerized watching it do its work.

Funwares: Dinosaur Egg & Pancake Mold

Silicone mold allows you to make your breakfast a dinosaur adventure. Works with pancakes and eggs this is sure to start every dino enthusiasts day off right.

Tovolo Dino Ice Pop Molds

Set Of 4.

Fun home made popsicle molds. Make your own dinopopsicle so you can have your favorite flavor whenever. Set of 4.

Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker

Dino mini waffle maker makes 5 dinosaur waffles in a batch. Make your own dinosaur herd to feed the family breakfast.

Dinosaur Jewelry

Rainbow Brachiosaurus Necklace

Chain length:16.2 inches+2 inches extension.Pendant Charm Size:1.5*1.3 inches

Comes in gift box.

Dinosaur themed jewelry allows you to personalize your life showing your love of dinosaurs. Whether is the T-Rex, Brachiosaur, Raptor, Pterodactyl, or many more there are jewelry ideas out there for you. There are designs for every lifestyle and colors can be coordinated to help create that perfect ensemble showing your dino love while staying in the Jurassic budget that may be required.

Ceramic Dinosaur Jewelry Ring Holder

Cute brachiosaurus ring holder. Can hold several rings keeping them safe until you are ready.

Dinosaur Gifts For Adults: Games

Dino-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

From the makers of monopoly comes dino-opoly. All the board spaced are dinosaur related in this game for two to four players. This game lets you learn about dinosaurs while you play with your friends and family.

QUARIUS Smithsonian Dinosaurs Puzzle 1000 Piece

1000 piece puzzle of dinosaurs and their names designed and licensed to the Smithsonian. This is perfect for the puzzle lovers and dinosaur lovers in your life. and would be great to start a new tradition of family puzzle nights. Educational and beautifully designed.

LEGO Jurassic World Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage 75936 Building Kit (3120 Pieces)

20 x 28 Inches

T-Rex and the famous Jurassic Park theme park gates prefect for your dinosaur lover or for your Jurassic Park fan.

Dinosaur Crafts

Beginner Crochet Dinosaur T-Rex by The Woobles 

Wanting to learn a new craft? This is a fun and simple way to learn crochet Make a Tyrannosaurus Rex crochet doll designed by The Woobles to bring the crocheting craft to a new generation. Helping to ensure that these hand crafts are not forgotten to the ages, Don’t let these crafts go extinct.

SpiceBox: Sketching Dinosaurs Book

Perfect for the artist in your life. This book will provide unlimited inspiration and new techniques for drawing yor Jurassic nightmares and paleolithic dreams.

Dinosaur Clothing

Dinosaur Face Masks

Set of 3 Breathable Dinosaur Masks.

With Omicron making its rounds right now face masks are everywhere. Show your dinosaur love and unique personality with these dino print masks.

Trex One Piece Pajama

Sizes x small – 2XL

Don’t be afraid to shake your tail and cause a scene in this t-rex one piece pajama set. Includes a hood with teeth and a tail to swing around.

Pink Dinosaur Onesie

Sizes Small – X Large


Comfy fleece pink dino onsie sizes small to XL

Dinosaur Comfy

One size.

Oversized dino hoody perfect for a beach cover up, weekend on the couch, or just to show some dinosaur love while trying to be confortable. This item comes in one size and has brilliant colors on the black background.

Cute Dinosaur Graphic Prime Tees

Sizes: Small – XXL

Hoodies and Tank Tops Also Available.

Dinosaur print shirts for all your needs. Different designs available grab yours today.

Dinosaur Costumes

Whether its for Halloween, a masquerade, or whatever the occasion these dinosaur costumes are sure to get a roar.


Dinosaur lovers come in all shapes and sizes and all age groups. There is something about these primal beasts that have inflamed the human imagination and given these creatures a new life. With movies, books, toys, and games this extinct creature isn’t going anywhere. While not everyone retains the love of dinosaurs through adulthood, we hope that we have managed to find a little something for everyone.

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