The Best Christmas Gifts For Children

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The Best Christmas Gifts For Children

If you are looking for the Best Christmas gifts for Children then you might really be interested in this.

This is great for your sons or daughters and it’s a gift that will last a lifetime!


Guest Post By: Mel Waller


The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Son or Daughter

I started this with my 3 daughters years ago. I asked them each, “What would you prefer for Christmas, presents or A Day with Dad?”

I also did this with their birthdays.

The answer was always the same. They each wanted a Special Day with Dad.

It was exclusive. Each one would have me all to themselves for the day.

They were allowed to plan out the entire day from when we woke up until we went to sleep that night.

We could travel by car as far as they wanted as long as we could be home by the evening.

They chose where we would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They chose everything!

Isn’t that like a dream come true for a child at any age?

Of course, fast food was on the menu. 🙂

Over the years, we went to movies, the zoo 3 1/2 hours away, museums, hiking, just driving along and many more adventures.

I have asked them now that they are adults about what are some of the moments they cherished with me and it’s a unanimous consensus the “Days with Dad”.

Do you think they even still remember some of the presents others bought for them?

From my perspective, every one of those days is a beautiful memory that I will always cherish all the years of my life.

It allowed me to get to know each of them a little better and have more bonding time.

Our Time with Our Children Goes by so Fast

Now they are all grown up and we are all living in different communities.

It’s nice to have the internet to stay connected.

But even while we are apart, I remember often those days with each of my children. What a blessing!
What do you think?

It can actually cost a lot more than a few presents from the store, but it’s a priceless gift that goes to both the child and the giver.

Please consider it this Christmas season.

All you have to do is ask them in advance and then they can also choose what day in the year to receive their gift.

Maybe they want to wait until warmer weather in the Spring or Summer.

I think you will be glad you give this a try and very happy at the results.

My warmest holiday wishes to you and yours!

Mel Waller


5 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Gifts For Children”

  1. Mel,

    Will you be my Dad?


    A beautiful sentiment and certainly one that resonates strongly with me.

    Although I always love the assortment of gifts that Brie presents us with here, “A Day With Dad” sounds truly wonderful.

    I must admit that I am somewhat hesitant myself, as I have an inkling that my kids are always going to go with “Presents – but we see you every day Dad.”

    However, the road trip, the breakfast, the lunch, the dinner, and the entire day together sounds truly magical – and creating that magic is what Christmas is all about.


  2. Hi Mel!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, I think the time with our kids is the most memorable and valuable and it is much more worth than any gifts. My kids are still very little – 3 and 5 years, but I enjoy spending time with them everaday. Of course, I make gifts for them, but I think they also like time with their parents much more than the actual gifts.
    With best wishes,

  3. Hey Mel,

    My kids are still very young but this is definitely a golden nugget of an idea that I will like to put into action when they come of age.

    But there’s apart of me that also thinks this may not be for everyone; I know for myself that I wanted presents when I was little since I always had my parents around. But then again – I was never asked such a question in the way you’ve posed it.



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