Skin Care For Men (Including Beard Care)

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Skin Care For Men
Skin Care For Men

Skincare used to be something that only women worried about, but over the years we have found out that skin care for men is just as important.

Knowing this It’s amazing how few men actually have a facial skin care routine. What with the shaving and dental hygiene, most men just stop there.

It’s surprising how adding a small amount of facial cleanser and some moisturizer to the routine with some facial sunscreen at the least could help to fight the signs of aging and keep your skin looking and feeling younger.

In this article we will be introducing you to many skincare lines for men.


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Skin Care For Men: Beard Care


Reuzel: Meaning “lard”. A nod to old school barbering. Leen and Bertus are the owners and producers of this line of men’s skin care products, and boy do they love what they do! They are barbers who own and operate their own barbershop, a school, and their own line of products. These guys don’t mess around! They wanted to provide an old school haven and even have hot towel service available.

Reuzel carries hair (not shown in article) and beard products.

About Reuzel Shaving Products in their own words

“Got a face rug? Get to work, son. Reuzel’s beard care and shave products will get you smooth as a baby’s butt. Or use Reuzel beard balm and softening cream, and our beard foam to stop beardruff and keep your beard looking very nice indeed.”

Their products are affordable on any budget! The bad news is there are no gift sets available!

Reuzel Original:

Customer Reviews:

“Love it. Only thing that holds up to welding all day and stays in my beard. Best beard product out there!”

“This is the best balm I’ve used, and I think I’ve used them all.”

Reuzel Wood & Spice:

Customer Reviews:

“My beard isn’t long enough to gauge the hold, but the scent is right at home in a olde barber shop, or a rustic cedar cabin in Oregon. “

“I LOVE this product. Beard oil is so – well – oily. This product is light, easy to dispense and smells great! And doesn’t leave me feeling so oily!”

Scruffy Jack’s

Full Name: Scruffy Jack’s California

Scruffy Jack’s Carries beard balm and beard oil.


About Scruffy Jack’s In their own words.

“Scruffy Jack’s is a premium brand of men’s grooming products. We are dedicated to providing the finest quality natural grooming products, including beard oils, balms, moisturizers, and other male grooming products. We carefully formulate each product ONLY using the best ingredients to create fantastic beard oils and balms and other products. Our products promote the growth of beard hair by conditioning and moisturizing the hair as well as skin. A portion of every sale is donated to grassroots organizations that take part in promoting solutions for prevailing global environmental crises through advocacy and conservation efforts.“

Beard Oil

Beard Balm

Skin Care

Chet Manly

Full Name: Apothecarium For Men Chet Manly

While there is not a whole lot of information on Chet Manly we do know that these are professional men’s products that have a mid-range price tag attached. They definitely have a since of humor!

Chet Manly carries a full line of skincare products including cleanser, eye cream, sunscreen and moisturizer.


Who is Chet Manly? In their own words:

“No one really knows, but we have his diary, we have his notes, and we have his sense of adventure. Man up and take a ride.

While no one knows for sure who Chet Manly is or was, one thing is certain: he brought us natural skincare products that are making men around the globe look and feel their best. Whether from his travels and encounters around the world, or his experiments in his own lab, Chet knows exactly what it takes for a man to be a man.”

They Also Say:

“We are Chet Manly. A modern day men’s skin care and lifestyle company, with some old fashioned thinking. Along with kick ass natural products, we have a fun backstory and are building a community around the idea of what it means to be a man, and how that being a man shouldn’t be locked into one ideal. We poke fun at the old west and allow men to have fun being whoever they are.”

Gift Sets


4 thoughts on “Skin Care For Men (Including Beard Care)”

  1. I guess, given my age, I’m old-school and a weekly beard trim is all the beard care I do! 🙂

    I’ve always kept my facial hair on the short side rather than growing a crumb-collector that looks like something out of a Viking Saga.

    I’ve looked on male “care” products as a marketing ploy by companies to reach a different audience since they’d pretty much saturated the women’s care products market. So I’d need a lot of convincing to start implementing a skin care regime especially when I have to buy products to achieve that aim.

    But these male-version products are aimed at young men who don’t look on them with suspicion or think using them is “girlie”, effeminate or simply not what a “real” man would use. Real men in my generation still scraped their faces with a sharp knife to shave and screamed silently when the aftershave burned in their facial cuts! 🙂 I am kidding of course; we used blunt razor blades instead.

    • Thank you for your interesting view point. Different people, Different needs. Some people are of the opinion that “real men” use skincare.

      We don’t particularly think it is a right or wrong issue.

      It is up to the individual on whether they even need products, but we have made this list for those that do or are looking for a skincare or beard care line.

  2. From luxury beard oils to tasty, pocket-friendly lip balms, more products have hit shelves with men in mind. Now the dude-specific skin care industry has been more on-point than ever. Women have long used skin care habits and products as a way to ready themselves for the day or to decompress at night. Fellas should follow suit, if they aren’t already. Even a simple regimen can become a part of what you do for your well-being.


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