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Named in the Pinterest Trend Guide 2022 the “Hellenistic Revival” Trend is on the top of the must have’s list for décor this year. No one is suggesting housing renovations though just a meeting of modern with classic Greek style.

There are design elements for every room in the house as well as your wardrobe. Shop the Hellenistic revival collection below.


An ancient Greek container with oval body and two handles. They were made to carry liquids such as water, oil, and wine.

Decorate your space with the ancient or the modern amphora.

TERESA’S COLLECTIONS Modern Ceramic Vase with Handles

Set of 2 Morandi Matte Glazed Decorative Amphora. Vases for Mantel, Fireplace, Living Room.

(White and Pink)

What better way to add some beauty to your office or living space than fresh cut flowers in an eye catching amphora inspired vase brining historic style into the new millennium.

Ancient Greek Amphora 17cm

Mulitcolored. God Poseidon, Goddess Athena

Picturing two of the Greek gods, this beautiful amphora looks like a museum piece and will draw attention wherever you choose to showcase it.

 Oil Vinegar Cruet or Soap Dispenser

Stainless Steel Pour Spout, Cork and Black Metal Stand included.

Classic style olive oil container for the kitchen perfect for for infusing your own oils allowing you to make truly unique meals.

Ancient Greek Pottery Krater

Runners from Ancient Olympics

Height:16,5cm (6,4in)

Ansirnt greek olympic inspired planter perfect for your own plant or as a design motif for your space.

Set of 2 Greek Pottery vases

Multicolored, Ancient Greek Technique


Ancient Greek inspired art deco vases as at home in a museum exhibit as on your mantle piece.

Ancient Greek Inspired Jewelry

All kinds of jewelry was available during the Hellenistic period. It was not unheard of to see hair pins, earrings, rings, pendants, broches, necklaces, bracelets, arm and thigh bands all on one person. Add a little Greek Style to your wardrobe this year!

Greek 18K Gold Plated Bronze Large Chandelier Earrings by Ilios

Handmade in Greece from hammered bronze with the same techniques used in ancient Greek jewelry during the bronze age and finished with 18K gold-plating. The earring hooks are hypoallergenic 24K gold vermeil.

Earring dimensions:
Width: 1 7/8″ = 4.5cm
They hang 3 5/8” = 9 cm from the ear.

Greek Gold Olive Branch Necklace Elia by Ilios

This hand made piece is part of the Artemis Collection by Ilios. It is handmade using the same techniques as historic bronze age jewelry. The unique and simplistic design adds to the beauty of this piece making it truly exceptional.

Olive Branch Ring with Diamonds

This beautiful ring is made from gold, rose gold, white gold, and diamonds. The olive branch is the symbol of peace and wisdom in old Greek culture and also is used as the symbol of the goddess Athena who was so important to the Greek culture the city Athens was named for her. This ring is made to order and would be a unique and beautiful way to show your own character as a bridal band or any other jewelry.

Ancient Greek Key Bracelet Meander Bracelet 

This design gets its name from the river Meander in ancient Greece. The design became very important in ancient Greek culture going on to symbolize infinity and the eternal flow. This historic and ancient design can now be eye catching style and a way to show your own creative flair in your wardrobe.


The Odyssey

Masterful retelling of the famous poem set in a graphic novel format with vivid water color panels bringing history to life for a younger generation.

The Iliad

Paperback Or Hardcover

Masterful retelling of the famous poem set in a graphic novel format with vivid water color panels bringing history to life for a younger generation.

Busts And Statues

Greek Statue Planter

6.7″ H


This resin bust planter is a beautiful design element for your potted plant and will make an elegant addition to your home or office.

Emsco Group Greek Column Garden Statue

colors: white, sandstone, granite. 32inces

Made from polyethylene (durable resin polymer).

Columns have been an essential in interior design since the time of the ancient greeks. This resin polymer column will not only be strong but will be a strong element design for your home, garden, or office space.

GoGift Venus Statue

Color: Rose Blush.

This blush resin copy of the famous Venus De Milo is 11.02 inches tall depicting Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. This is perfect for any art lover or to add a little chic to any room.

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Design Toscano The Greek Muses Glass Topped Side Table

20 Inch, Antique Stone

This beautiful table is cast in resin and finished to look like antique stone depicting the three muses in dance.

Greek Inspired Wall Art

Metal Wall Art – ”Demeter”

Design merges a biblical angel playing a violin in nature and is dubbed Demeter this handmade item will create a welcoming atmosphere as well as a conversation topic with your guests.

Medusa Metal Wall Decor

Metal wall hanging sculpture depicting Medusa from Greek myth. Stunning detail and beautiful lines this wall hanging would be amazing in your home or personal space showing your style and loves.

Other Greek Home Decor

Sunny Decals Greek Key Wall Border

Set of 2, 25 Inch Removable Fabric Wall Stickers, Black/White

The Key symbol is also known to symbolize Eternity, Unity, and The Continual Flow Of Things, This design pattern spread far and wide from ancient Greece and here is your opportunity to add it to your own space.

Ambesonne Greek Themed Shower Curtain

Cloth Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks, 69″ W x 70″ L

Fabric shower curtain depicting greek key pattern an excellent design influence for your home.

Ambesonne Greek Duvet Cover Set

Decorative 3 Piece Bedding Set with 2 Pillow Shams

Comes in twin, queen, king, and California king

Greek Plate 24cm

Ancient Greek pottery: Paris abducts Helen

Beautiful plate depicting Helen of Troy being abducted by Paris. This item looks at home in a private museum collection and would be an amazing addition to any mantle piece.

God Dionysus Cup

Ancient Greek Vase Pottery. Kylix Copy Museum Greece

Copy of the famous museum piece so that you can take history home with you. The original was used as a drinking cup in 540 – 530 B.C. This beautiful copy is not recommended to use as a drinking glass though as the fluids could deteriorate the paints that went into the masterpiece.

The Apollo Head Candle

Soy Wax

Select your scent and color

Height: 7.3 cm Width: 5.2 cm

Soy wax candle bust of Apollo the god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the Sun and light, poetry, and more.

Its sort of fitting that the god of light who drove the chariot of the sun through the sky is immortalized in a light giving candle.


Ancient Greek Statues Clip Art

Includes goddess statue creator, objects, columns, arches, busts, and more. Clip Art.

Grecian Times Ephemera

11 Different Double Sided Patterned Papers 2-3 Each Plus 19 Pages Of Clip Art: Ephemera For Papercrafts: Card Making, Junk Journaling, Scrapbooking, Decoupage, Origami 8.5 x11

Greek Inspired Shoes

Emmanuela Comfortable Leather Flat Sandals with Coins

Sizes 5-9

Spend the summer in style with these Greek inspired leather sandals with coin accents.

Black Leather Gladiator Sandals for Women

Only available in full sizes

Colors: Beige, Gold, Black

Inspired by the greek gladiator styles these open toes sandals are comfortable and stylish way to add historical inspiration to your every day life.

Ancient Greek Inspired Clothing And Costumes

Andromachi Greek Ancient Dress

One size. Size 2 up to size 14.

This simplistic historically inspired design would be beautiful for a summer afternoon or a costume bash or even an inspirational wedding.

Kynthia Greek White Dress One Sleeve

One size. Size 2 up to size 14. Made in Athens, Greece

One shoulder toga inspired dress simple designs and lines create a historically inspired outfit that is jaw dropping and guaranteed to turn heads.

Myrto Greek Ancient Dress

One size. Size 2 up to size 14. Made in Athens, Greece

Myrto ancient greek dress is a beautiful design to help you release your inner goddess. Simple design and lines to create a stunning personal look.

Kassandra Greek Ancient Dress

One size. Size 2 up to size 14. Made in Athens, Greece

The Kassandra greek ancient dress is 100 percent cotton. Made in Greece, designed with historic inspiration, but would look at home as a summer dress or even as a inspirational wedding dress.


In 2022 you can let history meet your personal style allowing for fun design elements in your home, office, and general living space. Whether its a whimsical dress for summer nights on the patio with friends, a column for the office, or just an olive oil decanter for your kitchen, we hope you found the perfect items to match your lifestyle. This is truly a fun take on the classic. We promise to keep this page up to date as the trend unfolds.

What do you think of the Hellenistic Revival Trend? Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions? Leave a reply below.

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