Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun

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Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun

Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun

Monday 29th June – Camera Day

Tuesday 30th June – Social Media Day



Wednesday 1st July – Postal Worker Day

Thursday 2nd July – World UFO Day

Friday 3rd July – Disobedience Day

Saturday 4th July – Independence Day

Sunday 5th July – Amazon Was Founded (1994)


Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun: Kissing Day

Monday 6th July – International Kissing Day

Tuesday 7th July – Chocolate Day

Wednesday 8th July – SCUD Day (Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day)

Thursday 9th July – Thank You Thursday

Friday 10th July – Piña Colada Day

Saturday 11th July – Social Media Saturday

Sunday 12th July – New Conversations


Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun: Embrace Your Geekiness Day

Monday 13th July – Embrace Your Geekness Day

Tuesday 14th July – Pandemonium Day

Wednesday 15th July – Winner’s Wednesday

Thursday 16th July – Thursday Thoughts

Friday 17th July – Tattoo Day

Saturday 18th July – Mandela Day

Sunday 19th July – Ice Cream Day


Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun: Moon Day

Monday 20th July – Moon Day

Tuesday 21st July – Junk Food Day

Wednesday 22nd July – Wellness Wednesday

Thursday 23rd July – Thirsty Thursday

Friday 24th July – Tequila Day

Saturday 25th July – Shout Out Saturday

Sunday 26th July – All Or Nothing Day


Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun: Monday Blues


Monday 27th July – Monday Blues

Tuesday 28th July – Trial It Tuesday

Wednesday 29th July – International Tiger Day

Thursday 30th July – Intern Day

Friday 31st July – Fact Friday



Saturday 1st August – World Wide Web Day

Sunday 2nd August – Happiness Happens Month


Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun: Watermelon Day

Monday 3rd August – Watermelon Day

Tuesday 4th August – Talk About It Tuesday

Wednesday 5th August – Blogger Day

Thursday 6th August – Peach Month

Friday 7th August – Lighthouse Day

Saturday 8th August – Cat Day

Sunday 9th August – Book Lovers Day

Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun: Fishing Day

Monday 10th August – Vlogging Day

Tuesday 11th August – Fishing Month

Wednesday 12th August – Vinyl Record Day

Thursday 13th August – Inventors Month

Friday 14th August – Freebie Friday

Saturday 15th August – Relaxation Day

Sunday 16th August – Tell A Joke Day

Random And Obscure Holidays To Make Your Week More Fun: Be An Angel Day

Monday 17th August – Monday Fun Day

Tuesday 18th August – Never Give Up Day

Wednesday 19th August – Potato Day

Thursday 20th August – Medical Transport Day

Friday 21st August – Senior Citizens Day

Saturday 22nd August – Be An Angel Day

Sunday 23rd August – Sponge Cake Day


Monday 24th August – Monday Mantra

Tuesday 25th August – Waffle Day

Wednesday 26th August – Women’s Equality Day

Thursday 27th August – Just Because Day

Friday 28th August – Future Fridays

Saturday 29th August – Lemon Juice Day

Sunday 30th August – National Beach Day


Monday 31st August:
National Trail Mix Day (#NationalTrailMixDay)
National Matchmaker Day (#NationalMatchMaker)




Tuesday 1st September:
Better Breakfast Month (#BetterBreakfastMonth)
National Fall Hat Month (#NationalFallHatMonth)
Classical Music Month (#ClassicalMusicMonth)
National Preparedness Month (#NationalPreparednessMonth)
Self-Care Awareness Month (#SelfCareAwarenessMonth)

Wednesday 2nd September:
Mindful Wednesday (#MindfulWednesday)
National Labor Day (#LaborDay, #HappyLaborDay)

Thursday 3rd September:
National Another Look Unlimited Day (#AnotherLookUnlimitedDay)
US Bowling League Day (#USBowlingLeagueDay)

Friday 4th September:
Wildlife Friday (#WildlifeFriday)
National Wildlife Day (#NationalWildLifeDay)
National Macadamia Nut Day (#MacadamiaNutDay)
Wellness Friday (#WellnessFriday)

Saturday 5th September:
National Cheese Pizza Day (#NationalCheesePizzaDay)
#Thirsty Saturday (#ThirstySaturday)

Sunday 6th September:
Foodie Sunday (#FoodieSunday)
National Lazy Mom’s Day (#NationalLazyMomsDay)
National Food Bank Day (#NationalFoodBankDay)
National Coffee Ice Cream Day (#CoffeeIceCreamDay)
National Read A Book Day (#ReadABookDay)

Monday 7th September – Sewing Month

Tuesday 8th September – Star Trek Day

Wednesday 9th September – Teddy Bear Day

Thursday 10th September – Swap Ideas Day

Friday 11th September – Freebie Friday

Saturday 12th September – Video Games Day

Sunday 13th September – Positive Thinking Day



September – Marketing Monday

Monday 14th 

Tuesday 15th September – Cheese Toast Day

Wednesday 16th September – Guacamole Day

Thursday 17th September – Country Music Day

Friday 18th September – Respect Day

Saturday 19th September – Talk Like A Pirate Day

Sunday 20th September – Spotlight Sunday


Monday 21st September – International Day Of Peace

Tuesday 22nd September – Happiness at Work Week

Wednesday 23rd September – Educational Technology

Thursday 24th September – Takeover Thursday

Friday 25th September – World Dream Day

Saturday 26th September – Saturday Shopping

Sunday 27th September – Tourism Day


Monday 28th September – Family Day

Tuesday 29th September – World Heart Day

Wednesday 30th September – Ask A Stupid Question Day


Thursday 1st October – International Coffee Day

Friday 2nd October – World Smile Day

Saturday 3rd October – Techies Day

Sunday 4th October – Improve Your Office Day


Monday 5th October – Bullying Prevention Day

Tuesday 6th October – Pizza Month

Wednesday 7th October – Wishing Wednesday

Thursday 8th October – World Octopus Day

Friday 9th October – World Egg Day

Saturday 10th October – World Mental Health Day

Sunday 11th October – Selfless Sunday



Monday 12th October – Monday Motivation

Tuesday 13th October – Face Your Fears Day

Wednesday 14th October – Dessert Day

Thursday 15th October – Handwashing Day

Friday 16th October – World Food Day

Saturday 17th October – Repair Day

Sunday 18th October – No Beard Day


Monday 19th October – Evaluate Your life Day

Tuesday 20th October – Tuesday Treat

Wednesday 21st October – Apple Day

Thursday 22nd October – Smart Is Cool Day

Friday 23rd October – Fan Friday

Saturday 24th October – Make a Difference Day

Sunday 25th October – International Artist Day


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