Rainbow Roses



Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses are one of our most popular roses due to their vibrant and attention-grabbing colors. And yes- they’re REAL!! These multicolored roses (sometimes called tie-dyed roses) are truly unique and colorful, great for any occasion. Rainbow roses are naturally grown white roses that receive a state-of-the-art treatment with an organic tint. They are sure to WOW and smiles are guaranteed!


We send only LONG STEM 50cm Premium Rainbow Roses with LARGE HEADS direct from the volcanic foothills of Ecuador. Most other companies send roses with the shortest stems and smallest heads possible. We think you deserve better than that. Order today. Shipping is always FREE!

Bouquet:12 Roses: $59.98

Bouquet:24 Roses: $79.99

Bouquet: 36 Roses: $94.99

Bulk Roses 50: $109.99

Bulk Roses 75: $144.99

Bulk Roses 100: $179.99

Bulk Roses 150: 249.99

Bulk Roses 200: $299.99



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