Kraft Funny Gift Labels


  • Natural Brown Kraft Paper: High-quality kraft material that provides a great look and feel. The kraft material is made from softwood fibers that give it that cottage home, crafting type of look. You are able to write on these Holiday tags with a pen, pencil, or sharpie.
  • The Perfect Adhesive: The back of these tags have what the industry standard considers to be permanent. This just means that the adhesive is strong and will adhere to most flat surfaces. The wonderful thing is that these can also be applied to fabrics. For example: if you give a blanket as a gift. They will stick well on the blanket and remove with no residue left behind or harm done to the gift.
  • 4 Unique Gift Tags: The gift tags say “Don’t worry I kept the receipt”, “It was either this or socks”, “It’s not a puppy… sorry,”. Perfect for the sarcastic member of your family.
  • 100 Kraft Tags (Roughly 25 per design): We provide one hundred of these on a roll with about 10 extra labels to account for the few lost to the tape used to hold the roll together. This is also great in case you have a specific project that requires an exact amount. It allows for a few mess ups.
  • Made in the USA: These labels are printed in our facility in the United States. You can use these tags for Christmas presents, birthday gifts, anniversaries, and much more! Outer Dimension is 3.6875 inches; Core size is 3 inches.


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