Facial Face Mask (12-Sheets) Classic Korean Skincare

  • Naturally Brighter Skin Tone – Authentic Korean facial masks, when used regularly they can help diminish signs of dark spots, pigmentation, circles, and puffiness.
  • Infused with Anti-Aging Antioxidants – A truly age-reversing formula, our collagen face masks help create firmer, healthier, more balanced skin for radiant confidence.
  • Moisturizing Hydration – Infused with natural botanical ingredients like tea tree, cucumber, honey, charcoal, and avocado, it’s gentle on dry, oily, or sensitive skin.
  • Revitalizing Skin Therapy – A deeply-hydrating experience, our face mask sheets infuse your skin with vital moisture while helping improve overall tone and firmness.
  • Premier Face Mask Quality – Celavi Korean sheet masks offer safe, natural support, include 12 total face mask packs and 1 Thai Tea Pack, and come backed by a satisfaction guarantee you can trust.


By Celavi Cosmetics

 Collagen Facial Face Mask (12-Sheets)

Classic Korean Skincare 

Lighten, Moisturize, Tighten Skin

Diminish Dark Spots & Circles |

Whiten, Brighten, Balance Pigmentation


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