Bulldog Book Ends



Bulldog Book Ends 

2pcs Set, Gold Color Decorative Bookends, 4.8 Lbs, Durable Resin


  • Set of two gold bookends, made from durable resin.
  • Weighs 4.8 lbs ideal for most book sizes.
  • Beautiful and adorable Golden French Bulldog Design for all animal lovers.
  •  Soft padded base that helps protect your furniture and minimize books slipping. It keeps your books vertically organized while adding a decorative touch to your room
  •  A bookend set like no other, it will not just hold books together but add a boost of design and accent to your room, your office, your childrens room, library, kitchen for cookbooks and more.
  •  Great for any occasions, happy ones and sentimental ones. Perfect for birthday gift, dog memorial gift, christmas gift, for teacher, students, children. A great display of appreciation and will surely light up a smile on their face.
  •  9.4 inches * 3.25 inches * 5.7 inches with a total weight of 4.8 lbs. 


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