Authentic Facial Jade Roller for Face


Authentic Facial Jade Roller for Face,

Anti Aging Jade Roller Massager

– Face Roller for Puffiness,Wrinkles, Dark Eye Circles,and Fine Lines,

Perfect Gift for Women of all ages

by Rosejoice

The Benefits Aren’t Few!

– Stimulate collagen production

– Plump fine lines and reduce cell turnover time

– Help close and minimize enlarged pores

– Provide relief from tension headaches when rolled over temples

– Tighten and firm the skin by boosting elastin

– Minimize spots around chin and jawline caused by toxin build up

– Tone facial muscles for improved elasticity and more…

How to use

Forehead:Move from the center of the forehead beginning at the hairline, rolling towards the ear, down to the temple. Repeat 4-7 times. Focus attention on fine lines and eyebrow furrow.

Eyes:Use the small roller to tone the lids and under-eye area. Move from the inner corner of the eye area to the ear.

Nose, Lips, Chin:Use larger roller to work from the nose out to the ear. Continue with the upper lip, lower lip, and the chin. Roll along the lower jawline of the chin, making your way to the ear lobe. Repeat on the other side.

Jawline and Neck:Start at chin and swipe upward toward cheekbones. Make sweeping motions up under the chin towards ears, then down the neck toward the collar bones.


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