Fit Smart Yoga Mat


Fit Smart Yoga Mat: Long 5mm Thick Self-Rolling Non Slip Yoga Mat

Brand: Backslash

Finally the perfect yoga mat! This mat is…


  • Self-rolling, so you can stay chill as you pack up your mat. When your yoga session ends, just flip the mat over, click, and let it roll!
  • Smart – It comes with bonus yoga routines, powered by Women’s Health, that you can hear using your smart speaker.
  • Soft and comfy – at 5 mm thick, there’s plenty of cloud-like cushioning for your elbows, wrists and knees.
  • Silky and grippy – you’ll love how it feels. Plus, as you sweat, your grip improves, thanks to the built in technology of the smooth top layer. The bottom layer will grip the floor – no more slipping and sliding!
  • Stylish – It stays tightly rolled and stands on its own. No messy storage.
  • Safe for you, and the planet – This mat is latex-free, PVC-free, and designed for sustainability.
  • Roomy – at 24 x 72 inches— it’s 4 inches longer than the average mat, so there’s room for your whole body!


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