Pet Gifts For All Occasions

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Pet Gifts For All Occasions

Guest Post By: Joseph Rebisz


Pets are people too!

We, as humans, love to receive gifts for our birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day etc. Those occasions are all well and good, but the gifts for them are sort of expected. For me, the best gifts come out of the blue, for no reason at all. The kind you might get from a friend or family member just because they were thinking of you, no special occasion at all.

Well, in my mind, pets are really no different. Oh sure, they are always happy at feeding time and all, but they like their toys or treats just like we do. Our pets give us unconditional love whether we ask for it or not. They are not expected to, they just give it. You see something in a store you would like to have, so you buy it as a treat for yourself. I do the same thing for my cat. When I’m in a grocery store, occasionally I walk down the pet aisle to see what they have that I think my cat would like such as a toy, catnip or even just the off the wall treats just for the heck of it. Sure, I get her stuff like that at Christmas time and for her birthday, not that she knows when that is or even Christmas for that matter. That’s what makes it special for her, because she doesn’t know it’s coming. Of course, she thinks the Christmas tree is a new toy too! They deserve these specialty items for all they give to us all year around.

Where to find these special gifts?

As I said, you can find the simple little things in the aisle of a grocery store or supermarket. However, there are so many websites out there specifically for our pets and animals of all kinds. To name a few, there is Amazon, Chewy, PetSmart, PetCo and so on and so on. You can order these without having to leave your house, and in today’s times, that’s a good thing. No reason your pet should have to suffer the way we do in lock down. I found one toy in particular that you put treats inside of it for a dog I used to sit for from time to time, and it kept him busy and playful for hours on end. He didn’t know why he got it, but loved it and was always happy to see me when I came by.

In conclusion

So you see, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to return the love we get from our pets. I hope this helps you share the love they give us and keeps them happy and thankful to us. I know they appreciate it. They can’t use words, but they show us in their own sweet little ways. Happy shopping!

4 thoughts on “Pet Gifts For All Occasions”

  1. Hi Joseph,

    Now that’s what I call real love – something for ALL the family.

    Makes perfect sense to me.

    We’re all partial to buying ourselves the odd gift or little treat every once in a while, so why not return that never-ending, unconditional love we receive from our pets by getting them something for no particular reason other than they are special to us.

    I completely agree that there are so many unexpected pleasures to be found lurking in the aisles of grocery stores and supermarkets, although it’s hard to beat shopping from the comfort of your couch.


  2. Hi! I agree that pets give us their love without expecting anything to return and this is amazing! A good example for us to learn from them, and we need to thank them with some nice gifts. I have a god a I love her so much, Im trying always to surprise her with some yammy food and nice toys. I just wish that people could treat each other the same way!
    With kind wishes,

  3. Hi Joseph,

    I had never understood people giving their pets gifts on holidays – but my boyfriend and I got two cats this year, and we were just talking about getting them mini-stockings for Christmas that we could put treats and replacement toys in, and how cute it would be.

    So, I have come around! I also second your Chewy recommendation – I have had great experiences with them this year!

  4. Whenever I go shopping, I always end up walking thrrough the pet aisle, even if I don’t need anything for them 😉 Only yesterday I was out for a long time – which is unusual, because I am always at home now, working online ever since the pandemic began – so I felt bad for staying out so long and I went to buy treats for my dogs and cats to make up for it.
    They also get gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Haha, they don’t know it’s their birthday or Christmas, but they sure are happy when they receive their gifts 🙂


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