Trending Novelty Purses And Handbags 2022 Edition

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Novelty Purses And Handbags are one of our favorite topics! They come in all shapes and sizes. Our abslotue favorites are the cake purses but there are so many more types. There is a novelty purse for everyone and for all tastes. So if you are looking for you favorite food, your favorite animal, or just want to add a little piazz to your wardrobe we’ve got the purse for you.

What Is A Novelty Purse?

A purse that that is sold for its  humor, uniqueness, or its newness. What novelty means to an individual varies from person to person. Some women just want a purse charm, others want a fun pattern, and some want a conversation piece. We’ve got you covered.

We can defintily promise that our curated picks match that description. So sit back, have a laugh, and enjoy this collection.

Heart Shaped Novelty Purses

Got the love bug? Do you carry your heart on your sleeve? Then these purses are for you!

LC Lauren Conrad Love Crossbody Bag

Fresh and flirty floral print on a heart shaped crossbody bag. Perfect to complete that spring wardrobe.


Kate Spade B&W Polka Dot Heart Purse

Black with white polka dots. Heart-shaped bag perfect to go with that little black dress in the back of the closet

Kate Spade.

Betsey Johnson: Key To My Heart Crossbody, Pink

Taking you back to that little diary with the heart-shaped padlock the key to my heart crossbody bag gives you the lock and the key.

Dinosaur Novelty Bags

Dinosaurs are all the rage with children and adults. Put a little roar into your wardrobe with these dinosaur novelty bags.

Stegasaurus Shoulderbag

Etsy. Multiple Colors Available.

Dinos, dinos, everywhere show your love with this cute stegosaurus shoulder bag.

Triceratops Purse

The triceratops is one of the most iconic and easy to remember dinosaurs and you can now choose your own to show your triceratops love pick one of five fun colors.

Colors Available: Pink, Red, Black, Purple, Blue


LUI SUI T-Rex Dinosaur Shape Shoulder Bag

The T-Rex was the big bad in the Jurassic and you can now carry your own King of the thunder lizards T-Rex shoulder bag.

Colors Available: Black, Pink, Red


Farm Animal Novelty Purses And Handbags

Straight from the farm and into your wardrobe. Release your inner farm girl. Cute farmer’s market, state fair, rodeo, pumpkin patch, or picking watermeleons and strawberries weekend fun bags.

Duck Crossbody Purse

Whether you are fresh from the farm, or just want to show your animal love, these geese are nothing to honk at. Show your love.


Pig Shoulder Bag


Whether its Babe or Wilbur from Charlottes Webb This is really Some Pig. Big enough to phone wallet keys etcetera and still so cute you will cuddle it as much as just wear it,

Chicken Purse


This backyard bird comes in multiple colors and won’t leave feathers all over.

Cute Cow Purse


Great for a trip to the stockyards, rodeo, or just going to the local honky tonk. For the rest of us, it is just a cute purse that will get a few looks and possibly a fun conversation or three.

Fruit Inspired Novelty Purses And Handbags

Are you ready for a delicious and refreshing summer? If not these purses will inspire.

Pineapple Shoulder Bag

Colors Available: Pink-Red, Orange-Yellow, Grass Green, Apricot. Dark Green


Tropical and fruity fun this pineapple is perfect to pack and go with what you have to carry.

Cherry Purse


Sweet double cherry purse. Fun and fruity look.

Orange Sholder Bag


The only thing orange shoulder bag is missing is your daily dose of vitamin C.

Red Apple Novelty Purse

Green Apple is also available. Etsy.

Red Apple Purse is sweet and crisp would be perfect for a trip to the farmers market or trip to the orchard. Dont miss out get yours in time.

Watermelon Slice Mini Shoulder bag

Watermelon shoulder bag is great to complete that laid back summer look. Show your sweet side.

Fast Food Novelty Purses

Taco Purse


Taco purse lets you eat free taco Tuesdays. Ok, we made up that one but with this you can truly show that Taco Tuesday love.

Sushi Box Shape Handbag


Bento box to go? This purse merges the classic Chinese take out container with a Japanese bento box and makes it the perfect purse for a fun night out.

Designer Novelty Purses By Brand


Just like the name suggests these “kooki” purses are handmade in Romania. They don’t just stop at cakes. They make desserts, breakfast, ice cream, hamburgers purses and more! Esty.

Shown in Image: Black Forest Cake Purse + Magnetic WALLET (A Piece Of The Cake)

Pictured Below: Ice Cream Cone Mini Novelty Purse, Cherry Pie Purse, Rainbow Sprinkles Piece of Cake Purse.


Handmade purses from Angele Couturier.

Etsy Store.

Shown in Image (Left): Pastel Pancake stack purse

Pictured In Images Below: Chocolate Cake Slice Purse With Suspended Spoon, Fruit Cake Purse , Strawberry Shortcake.

Not only do these bags look delicious they are amazing quality and will delight any who see them.

Loungefly Novelty Purses And Handbags

Ice Cream Die Cut Wallet


Loungefly this is a brand i found out about not long ago. I know there are two of these in our house right now and hopes to get more because are beyond beautiful. If you haven’t seen these lines of purses do yourself a favor and check them out now see what you have been missing.

Betsey Johnson Novelty Purses

Oh Snap! Crossbody

Show your love of photography with this oh snap crossbody bag. This novelty purse looks amazing and will always have people wondering if it takes actually pictures. (BTW It doesn’t)

Chill Pill Crossbody Holographic

Take a chill with you on the go. We all know someone who needs one and now you can be there at the right time!

Gotta Have A Slice

Nothing more iconic than Friday night pizza and a movie.

Say Anything

Hailing back to the 1980s this boom box is ready to go with all new flair. Perfect for all your essentials while on the go.

Betsey’s Bubbly Crossbody

Wanting to celebrate or just show your love of bubbly this purse is the answer.


Novelty Purses and Handbags are a lot of fun! They allow you to showcase your unique style and tastes while still being functional pieces. Please note that novelty purses tend to be smaller in size. This does not apply to the Loungefly bags which in our experience tend to be medium to large bags. Everyone carries stuff. Why not do it in style!?!?!?

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