Mom’s Article: In Honor of My Mother

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It’s Brianna owner of Today’s post is dedicated to my mother and everything she loves!

No it’s not mother’s day, but we at like to celebrate our mom’s every chance we get! She gave us life and then nurtured our growth. She stood by through the joy and the tears. She loved us and supported us when no one else did. She never gave up on us even when we gave up on ourselves! So here’s to Mom the constant supplier of love and support! You deserve more than one page, but for now this will have to do!


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Mary Engelbreit


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Mom’s Article: In Honor of My Mother

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7 thoughts on “Mom’s Article: In Honor of My Mother”

  1. Wow, great ideas for mothers (and for myself…)
    And how funky is that teapot bag?
    Grear website that makes me curious to everything else your shop has to offer.
    Glad I found it!
    warm regards, Angelique

  2. I love you did this in honour of our moms, and I’m also in love with the blue floral tea set, so cute I think I must have it.
    some beautiful gift ideas too.

  3. Your mom has great taste! Love all the cute products. I especially love green tea, so I’m going to check that one out further. Cheers to our moms!

  4. I agree we have to honor our mothers every single day.

    You know we’ve been living everyday just to mirror even just a small fraction of the love and care our mothers showed and taught us. I just want to say it’s hard to replicate that. That, mothers, and all your love and sacrifices for us, have no equal, no comparison, the one and only. That we’ve been very lucky to have you in our lives. That all the good things in this world worth fighting for all comes from you, Mothers.

    I really love your suggested gifts in here, I like those tea sets and now I have to choose from the plus size dresses.


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