Kodak Dock Plus: Instant 4×6 Photo Printer Review

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Kodak Dock Plus Printer is the perfect on the go photo printer.  This thing is amazing, let me tell you why,  For the cost of about 40 cents a picture, you can print anywhere.  Going to a wedding? Someone you know graduating?  Family vacation? This thing pays for itself.  Want reprints? Just print a second copy. Copies of the pictures can be left with the bride and groom , graduate and their family, or whomever you choose. 

It works wirelessly or through the charging dock at the top, so you can charge your phone while you look through and print desired photos. Amazing for instant scrap books or saving that perfect memory for a friend or loved one you won’t see again for a while. 

The Kodak Dock Plus is an instant photo printer. It uses 4 Pass technology, dye-sublimation, to print photos in layers of color ribbons.

The printer does not use any liquid ink. The photos are fully laminated during printing, so the photos are fingerprint and smudge proof and even water resistant.

Low cost paper in this machine means you are only spending 40 cents per picture.

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Benefits Of The Product

  • Prints 4 x 6 photos just like the professionals at the store.
  • Can take this printer on the go.
  • Easy to assemble and operate.
  • Works by Bluetooth or by docking your phone to the printer. Charges your phone whenever it is docked.
  • Allows you to print photos literally anywhere.
  • The app lets you resize your photos so that you print wallet size pictures to share with the whole family. The app also lets you choose whether or not you want a border around the photo.
  • The app also allows you to edit, add borders, filters, and stickers, etc.

How To Use The Kodack Dock Plus Printer


Before you load a new batch of paper…

1. Clean the gray roller that feeds the paper with contact cleaner. Do this fairly often as it keeps the machine and photos free of debris.

2. Use 10 pack of photos and make sure you fan them before putting them into the paper cartridge. For some reason, the photos need to take up a but more space to fit correctly or else you will have to stuff it with up 40 photos. If you do that then chances are your photos will come out funny

3.Download the app on your phone and make sure it is updated.

4.During shipping the ink cartridge can come undone so very gently remove the ink cartridge from the printer and make sure it is tight buy carefully turning it using the gear. Return it to the printer before you do any printing.

Product Description and Features

What is included: Dock Plus, 10 Sheets photo paper, .

BRAND: Kodak

MODEL: Dock Plus

WEIGHT: 3.43 pounds

DIMENSIONS: 7.83 x 6.85 x 5.67 inches


BATTERIES: 1 Chargeable Lithium Ion Battery

WARRANTY INFORMATION: None that we could find.

Who Is The Product For?

  • Anyone wanting a printer dedicated to photo printing.
  • People who need instant photos.
  • Scrapbookers and photo book enthusiasts.
  • Moms who like to share photos with their friends and families.
  • Perfect for wedding, bridal parties, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.

What We Like About The Kodak Dock Plus

  • This product is perfect for sharing photos with the family.
  • It has an easy to use interface device and app.
  • Inexpensive. Printing averages only 40 cents a pic.
  • Works as a docking/charging station for phones.
  • No expensive ink to replace.
  • Allows for the instant gratification of seeing your pictures like the instant cameras but with much better quality.
  • Works with IOS and android phones.

What We Don’t Like About Kodak Dock Plus

  • Very App dependent. More options in the App than on the device.
  • While no liquid ink the cartridge must be replaced with the paper.



  • Travel ready.
  • Prints full 4×6 photos. Can be resized for smaller photos.
  • Bluetooth Mode Available.
  • Convenient editing App.
  • No ink cartridges to replace


  • Takes about 50 seconds to print each photo. That is not really bad considering the layers the printer prints but for those who are impatient this might seem like a really long time.
  • Some have reported the printed copy is not as clear as they would like, others have said it depends on the quality of the photo. One person recommended that you darken each picture then sharpen a little before you print.
  • Like most technology these days there is an app to download to be able to use the printer more efficiently. So you must have a device that is able to access and download the app. While this can be a PRO it can also be a CON.
  • You cannot send a picture directly to the printer by Bluetooth. You have to use the app.

Final Thoughts

Great little printer. Fun, easy to use, and portable. Perfect for printing those family memories or scrapbooking your life stories. Most of the CONS have a positive side too or are completely fixable. Great machine at a reasonable price the Kodak Dock Plus is truly hard to beat and has been a welcome addition to our home and office space, allowing us to print memories like never before.

We actually used this for our family reunion and it was a huge hit.  The entire family was printing photos and sharing memories which is great for those like me and the family that are out of town. We also used it to print up our summer family camping trip and made a scrapbook to share with the family on our next visit.

Need A Cartridge Refill & Photo Paper? Click HERE To Order.

Have you used the Kodak Dock Plus before? What are your thoughts?

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave a reply below!

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