Is the Dyson hair dryer worth the money?

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Designed for all hair types, Dyson has really outdone itself using advanced technology for its brand new hair dryer.

Dyson supersonic blow dryer is everything you need or want in a blow dryer.

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Is the Dyson hair dryer worth the money?

We think it is worth the money if you are needing a new blow dryer, want to save on trips to the salon, need to calm frizzy hair and flyaways, want to save on dry time, and want a hair dryer that stays temperature controlled. So, In a word, Yes! The Dyson supersonic hair dryer is absolutely worth the money. Read our review below to find out more for yourself.

What are the benefits of a Dyson hair dryer?

This hair dryer is unique as it uses bladeless fan and uses Air Multiplier technology. That  means that using a combination of aerodynamics and a physics it “multiplies” the air it sucks in, so it uses less energy and generates less noise in the process. It also dries your hair faster.

With its small motor and design, the Dyson hair dryer fits perfectly in a suitcase or large purse.

Uses “Intelligent heat control” which means the blow dryer maintains the optimum temperature. Another words, it is temperature controlled.

There are 3 speeds: Fast Drying, Regular Drying, and Styling.

The blow dryer is Lightweight

The attachments that come with the device are magnetic so they attach easily.

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer has “heat shield technology” which means that the surfaces of the attachments stay cool and do not over heat.

How To Use The Dyson Hair Dryer

Product Description and Features

What comes in the box?

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer in fuchsia and nickel,

1.4″ Round Brush,

Detangling Comb,


A non-slip mat,

Storage hanger,

Smoothing nozzle,

Styling concentrator,

Owner’s manual,

and a microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

MODEL: Supersonic Hair Dryer

MAKE: Dyson

WEIGHT: 6.2 Pounds

DIMENSIONS: 15.3 x 13.8 x 3.7 inches

COLOURS: Fuchsia

EASE OF USE: Easy to Use

Released in March, 2021

Who is the Product for?

This hair dryer is for any women who wants the best hairstyling tool with the latest in advanced technology available on the market today.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is one of the best professional blow dryers.

Is it time to get a new hair dryer? Then don’t waist money on something you will have to replace in a year. Get a professional hair dryer and get it right the first time. Reduced dry time and temperature controlled.

Save money from attending the salon for a professional blow dry.

What We Like About The Product

Powerful new hair dryer that dries faster, is temperature controlled, and comes with everything you need. Yes please!

What We Don’t Like About The Product

Flat out it is the price. This is a professional hair dryer and has the price sticker to match. Note: All professional hair dryers that we have found fall between $300 to $500 dollars so it will be an investment no matter which one you choose.

Looking for an inexpensive blow dryer? Check out our list of of inexpensive  blow dryers.

What Sets This Hair Dryer Apart From Other Blow Dryers

The Dyson Supersonic Blow Dryer aims to keep your hair healthy during the drying process by shortening the dry time, by keeping the temperature even and from overheating the device or your hair. Using the latest in hair care technology it helps keep the hair shinier and smoother.




Uses the latest technology in hair care.


The Price. This is one high priced machine coming in at around $400-$500 dollars.

Final Thoughts

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is as close to a perfect blow dryer that can be found. It won’t over dry your hair and it dries hair faster than ever before. Designed for all hair types, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is for anyone who could use a professional blow dryer and does not mind the hefty price tag.

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