How to use the Naipo Massage Gun (Handheld Electric Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager) Review

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Introducing the 2021 top gift pick for women, the Naipo Massage Gun. The ultimate at home acupressure massage gun. Using percussion motions it is able to give a deep tissue massage from the comfort of your personal space.

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Benefits Of The Product

First and foremost, the Naipo Massage Gun helps to relive pain. For us this is a big deal!

Hubby and I both have chronic pain conditions that require some sort of relief. Along with our Auvon TENS EMS Massager and Belifu TENS Massager this has been a great addition to our routine.

The “percussion” part of the massager helps to get to the deeper levels of the muscles causing great pain relief without the use of drugs.

The interchangeable heads allows you to customize your massage to your exact liking and to different parts of the body.

With a long battery life this device is great for sharing. We passed this massager around the office and everyone got to have a turn. It was most reported how great this massage gun was for the shoulders and neck.

To do parts of the back it did require a second person but since that was not as taxing as giving an actual hand back massage it still comes out as a win in our book.

How To Use The Product

Give a brief overview on how you use the product. This can depend on the type of product you are reviewing.

You could step your reader through the installation process, explain what is involved to set it up, explain how easy (or difficult) it is to use, or give an explanation of the best way to use it to achieve the desired results.

Product Description and Features

Included in the box:

1 x Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

5 x Massage Heads

1 x Power Adapter

1 x User Manual

1 x Carrying Case

BRAND: Naipo



COLOUR: Deep Gray and Black


BATTERIES: 4 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Who is the Product for?

The device is for ladies with deep muscle pain or soreness. It is also for women suffering from chronic pain or for anyone who just enjoys a great massage.

What We Like About The Product

What we love about the Naipo Massage Gun is that it goes deeper in to the muscles than most electronic massagers available today. It was a real treat to have the use of acupressure from a device and not from an expensive masseuse.

Battery Life is exceptional.

The removable different heads were fun to test.

What We Don’t Like About The Product

We literally could not find anything we did not like about the Naipo Massage Gun. If we had to choose something as a con it might be that it does not go any deeper than 10 mm, but there might be a good reason it doesn’t.



  • It helps to relieve muscle pain and soreness. Works on knots and tight muscle areas.
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Has long life battery (5 to 7 hrs on full charge)
  • 5 Interchangeable heads: Includes: big ball, U-shape, Bullet, Flat and cushion massage heads that focus on different areas of the body.
  • 5 intensity levels providing deep percussion massages from 2000rmp to 3200rmp
  • Powerful High Torque Motor
  • Breaks up the excessive lactic acid in the muscles
  • Works on deep muscle tissue to promote muscle recovery.
  • Reaches 10mm depth
  • quiet
  • Compact and Portable
  • Awesome Gift for Relaxation and Pain


We could not find any cons! This is a first!

Final Thoughts

This is a great massager! The best Massager offered on the market today. Pain relief is assured with the the Naipo Massage Gun.

Our Staff enjoyed testing the massage gun immediately and there were several orders purchased by the end of the day.

Loved the versatility of the machine. You can use it anywhere there is muscle on the body.

Note this is not made for nerve clusters just muscle tissue.

The massager offers a great massage without wearing out your hands or hitting to hard on the wallet.

Have you used the Naipo Massage Gun before? What are your thoughts?

Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Leave a Reply below!

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