Gifts That Are Green For Women

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Gifts That Are Green

Green symbolizes nature, growth, harmony, energy, freshness, birth, and rebirth.

Green is considered one of the most relaxing colors to the human eye.

The color green helps to alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness.

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Bath Bombs

Spa Gifts That Are Green

Spa Gift Set Avocado in a Bird Cage.

Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask

Jade Roller Face Tool


Magnolia and Jasmine Home Spa Set. Includes Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Bath Salt, Rose Bath Soap, Loofah Back Scrubber, Rose Bath Bomb, Bath Towel, Moisturizing Shower Gloves. Packed in a stunningly wrapped basket, it also has a gift note card for you to personalize it.


Decorative Perfume Bottles

Gifts That Are Green: Jewelry

Green stretchable Bangle Bracelets

Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace

EVER FAITH Flower Leaf Necklace Earrings Set Austrian Crystal


Sage Green Floral Cameo

Sage Green Floral Cameo

Green Fluorite Pendant Necklace Octahedron

Green Fluorite Pendant Necklace Octahedron

Kelly green Sailors Knott Beaded Necklace

Kelly green Sailors Knott Beaded Necklace


Gifts That Are Green: Watches


Purses and Handbags

Floral Designer Handbag

Triple Zip Pocket Medium Crossbody Bag

Green Minimalist Style Soft Pu Leather Clutch

Green Apple Purse




Gifts That Are Green: Travel Cups

Green Blanket Gift

Dark Green Emerald Fleece Throw. Microfiber Blanket.



Gifts That Are Green: Miscellaneous


Vintage Dark Green PU Leather Cover Loose Leaf Blank Notebook.


Green Decorative Candle Lantern


Green Tinted Glasses




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