Gifts For Scrapbookers And Paper Crafters Guide

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Gifts For Scrapbookers And Paper Crafters

As avid scrapbookers we here at sweet gift lists are uniquely qualified to help you find great gifts for scrapbookers and paper crafters! The good news is that there are gifts for every budget!

Warning: This is an extensive list!

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A little scrapbooking history

Didn’t know there was history behind scrapbooking did you?

Many people think scrapbooking is a new concept, but it goes WAY back to the 15th and 16th century.

Many families would have a journal or a family bible where they would paint, draw, as well as journal entries keeping safe and passing down information to decedents.

This was often the family bible as sometimes it would be the only book in some of the poorer family homes.

The current scrapbooking hobby really started in the 1980s and has gained more and more popularity ever since.

What is a scrapbook?

A book to help showcase highlights and memorable events in your or a loved one’s life. This includes pictures, memorabilia, and embellishments.

Interesting Note: Some even include old family recipes.

Basic Scrapbook materials include card stock, an adhesive, scissors, pens, empty scrapbook album, and detail elements.

But, the fun does not stop there! To enhance the experience and to jazz up the scrapbook many techniques and devices have been created.


Basic Materials: Gifts For Scrapbookers and Paper Crafters

Scrapbooks: Empty, Refillable, Albums

Card Stock: Collections, Kits, Sets




There are so many kits available at A Cherry On Top. Click Here to directly to the collections page.

Gel Pens:


Paint Markers:

Colored Pencils: While most colored pencil will do, we chose to showcase the professional artist colored pencils as they are a better quality and investment.

Stickers: There are so many types of stickers and there is an endless selection.  For the purposes of this blog, we will showcase the ones we liked for the holidays.

More Stickers

Adhesives: Glue, Tape, Glue Sticks, Hot Glue, Hot Glue Gun. Glue Guns can be found at many stores and at a cheaper price. The ones below are professional grade and are slightly more expensive, but they each have temperature control. The cheaper ones do not have temperature control and tend to burn out faster.




Stamp Blocks:

Stamp Ink Pads Sets:

Distressing Ink


Glitter: Any kind of glitter will do. Glitter can be picked up at all crafts stores and most retail stores. Beaware that glitter comes in chunky and fine.


Glitter Glue Sets: There are 2 main brands for glitter glue that are perfect for paper crafts Stickles and Nuvo. We were able to find Stickles in packs on Amazon. Stickles Glitter Glue and Nuvo can be bought individually as well and there are a vast array of colors available.

Intermediate to Advanced

Die Cut Machines

Manuel: Hand Crank



Cricut: Cuddle bug



Make Your Own Stickers Machine

Embossing: is the “processes of creating raised relief images and designs in paper and other materials.” –Wikipedia
There are many techniques and processes to create the embossed effect. The first is by using the hand crank machines above with embossing folders or metal plates. (I have even seen people use a hand crank pasta machine with the folders to achieve the same results as the machines!)

Embossing Folders:Here is an image on Instagram of the result of using embossing folders Instagram Photo.

Another techniques is by using powders, a stamp,  a glue stamp adhesive, and a heat gun.

Embossing Powders:

This is a “how to heat emboss” tutorial on the spruce crafts so you can get an idea of what the process looks like. They are using matte colors, but glitter powders are available too.

Heat Gun:

 Glue Stamp Pad:



What else can you do with the materials on this page?

Card Making

Creating your own cards is another thing you can do with the products on this page.

Custom Gift Tags


You can decoupage just about anything, but our favorite use is to refurbish old furniture! That’s right! Find card stock you love and redecorate your house!

Brianna’s Extremely Short Story:


“I’m bored.” I said

“Get a hobby.” Grandma said.

Thus began the yearlong search for a hobby.

I finally found scrapbooking when I was handed a tub of old photos that needed a permanent home. Little did I know that it would wind up being one of the loves of my life.

I have been scrapbooking ever since.

The projects are endless with supplies and a little creativity. Pinterest is a great place to find project ideas!



Do you have any suggestions for Gifts For Scrapbookers And Paper Crafters? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Hey,

    I’m so pleased I came across this article. My niece is a HUGE scrapbooker, a long with her mates and I just know she would love to have some of the gifts you have discussed here. It is her birthday in December, so I need to start thinking of what I could get her. I think I have found what could make me the favourite uncle.

    I’ll let you know what I get her and what she thinks of it/them.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  2. Ahhh, those papers! I love those. I think I am doing some kind of scrapbooking as well when I make my collages. And maybe even when working on my dreamboards. They don’t entirely fit your definition though.
    Yet, that’s fun to work on. At the moment I use the semi transparant silk papers, because they smudge so nicely when glued. But some of these decorated papers would fit well into them as well.
    Thanks!! You have inspired me to get my things out of the closet and on to the table. 🙂

  3. This is great information for people like me that don’t scrapbook, but I know a lot of people that do. I’ve had a lot of friends tell me that I should get into it because I’m super creative, but I never have time for that.
    I’m terrible at printing out pictures period…, I’ve watched friends do it, but was never my thing.
    But, I am glad to know these gift ideas for my friends.



  4. I have been looking for some gift ideas for my niece who is into art and craft. Look like I’ve come to the right website for gift ideas for her. I like the glue gun and seasonal stamps. You have provided us with large choice to choose from.

    Many thank for getting all these together.


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