Gifts For Hikers

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Gifts For Hikers

Gifts For Hikers

Gifts for Hikers, hikers can be hard people to buy for because it depends on the individual, and the specific hiking trail, as to what it is they really need. People wanting to go on the Appalachian trail or pacific crest trail will need different items than people who are just avid local hikers.

No matter who the hiker is in your life, we can help find the right gear to gift them for a more pleasant experience on the trail. From compasses to GPS, hiking poles to boots, knowing what to get can be the hardest part.


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Gifts For Hikers: “Ounces Lead To Pounds”

Gifts For Hikers: 'Ounces Leads To Pounds'

There is a saying that you hear when talking to hikers’ ounces lead to pounds.

This may seem silly when you hear it, but what it means is that it all adds up. For this reason, most hikers look for the lightest items that they can find to carry-on long-term hikes.

Every ounce that can be cut down on the gear itself is that much more water and food that can be carried. Some hikers will go to the extremes of even cutting down their spork handles to shave that much more weight off their pack.

Long Distance Survival

Gifts For Hikers: Long Term Survival

Hikers who are going for long distance hikes are a breed unto themselves. These guys and gals carry everything they need for long term survival on the trail on their backs. It’s tough especially when you add in food and water. Remember a gallon of water weighs in at eight pounds.

Hikers always need to carry a map, compass, knife, cooking kit, sleeping system, cover, clothes, and much more gear on top of their food and water. I’ve never seen a hiking trail with a water faucet every hundred foot.

Many hikers have stepped away from tents and gone on to use hammocks to help lessen their loads. It saves the weight of the tent and sleeping mats. This is a great option if you are hiking in a wooded area, but not so much if you’re on grasslands or desert treks.


Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Foods

Gifts For Hikers: Dehydrated Foods

It’s always recommended to carry dehydrated foods and freeze-dried foods when hiking. Canned goods are a not a good item to pack and carry due to the fact that the water weight packed in those foods just kills your back after a small amount of time.

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Today I get to help pick the gifts for the hikers in your life whether they are a novice or veteran. These items will allow you to help ensure that the recipient will enjoy their hike and make it home safely.

Excellent Presents For Outdoorsy People. Guaranteed.

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  1. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! I have just recently gotten into hiking, and I was just asking myself what types of equipment I would need for my first trip. You have provided me with a great list, especially the dehydrated/freeze dried foods, water, and specialty boots. I am going to refer to your list when I go shopping for my items! Great read! God bless you!


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