Gifts For Artsy People

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Sweet Gift Lists would like to introduce you to gifts for artsy people. The good news is that crafters can never have enough materials so the choices are endless!

Who are artsy people?

This includes people who like to sew, knit, crochet, paint, make jewelry, make pottery, woodcraft, leather craft, paper craft, take pictures, DIYers, etc.

With each category comes a myriad of equipment and tools that will help the artist to produce and showcase their creations.

These tools will allow the artist to further develop and embrace their creative talent.

So, whether your recipient is a novice or a veteran artisan, we can help you pick the gear or kit for your crafter’s journey.

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General Merchandise




For Painters:

A painter can never have too many brushes which come in different styles with differing tips.

Palettes are needed to hold and mix paint.

Paint Palettes

Paint itself is often in short supply.

Acryllic Paint:

Let’s not forget the all-important easel. Some you stand in front of others sit on a desktop. Knowing your artist and where they like to paint will help you make this decision. It will be important to deciding what they need or want.


For Potters:

Tools, Clay, Potter’s Wheel, glaze. Potters don’t need as many tools however their tools are more expensive. A potter’s wheel and a kiln cost upwards of $100 or more. Clay tools are cheaper and of course you still need the clay. One other thing that potters can use is glaze. That is a special type of paint for pottery. If you expect to eat off this pottery in the future, make sure its food grade and non-toxic.

Electric Pottery Throwing Wheel

Mini Pottery Wheels and Manual Wheel

For Paper Crafters

What do crafters want?

They want lots and lots and materials with fun textures, shapes, and sizes. They can pretty much turn anything into a craft project.

If they are paper crafters there’s are all kinds of machines that will help a crafter out. For example, the cricket it can do just about anything you want to do with papercrafts. You can make T shirt iron-ons, cards, envelopes, boxes, wall art, vinyl stickers, and just about anything you can dream up. You just need the cricket machine and your preferred cartridge.

There also simpler machines where you run it through run blocks through a press machine and it cuts out shape as long as you have the right block. These machines also emboss paper the right folder.

Spell Binders

There are sticker machines which you take an image and put it through a laminate process and make your own stickers.

If you like stamping, there are special stamping glues and heat tools that let you glitter and/or emboss whatever you want. If you don’t like regular stamping give it a try anyway, it’s a lot of fun!

Heat Guns:

Glue Pads:


Scrapbooking gift sets are a good choice because they have all the materials you need one place. The sets are good for both the beginner and the veteran.

Need More Ideas? Read Stocking Stuffers For Crafters

For Sew-er’s:

For sewers, they basically need fabric and a sewing machine. More than likely they already have a the sewing machine and fabric is kind of a personal choice

So what does that leave you to give?

Well there are cool crafting tables, sewing tables, and hobby tables, and things like that where you can store your materials. These, of course, are much more expensive then a small gift, but believe me your crafter will be super excited to receive these tables as a present. There is nothing better than an organized work station.

If you are considering a sewing machine find out what they already use.

If they use a small, lightweight, sewing machine then they might want a more heavy duty sewing machine or embroidery machine. Maybe they want something that works on leather.

If they already have a heavy duty, machine consider one of the smaller, more portable machines, so they can take it to crafting circles and conventions. The smaller machines can’t do as much, but they are perfect to take traveling and perfect for beginners.

If all else fails, try a gift card to the local craft store. That way they can pick out exactly what they want. Materials add up quickly!

Knitters and Crotcheters use hook needles of different sizes to create their art. They can never have enough yarn and places to store their yarn.

Embroidery sets are great as one learns an old art form.

For Jewelry Makers

If you have a beginner jewelry maker on your hands then there are many perfect kits that can be purchased on Amazon. Some of these kids would even be perfect for veterans as they already tap the perfect’s color schemes and charms. In fact we liked him so much we purchased quite a few ourselves. They make professional looking jewelry without having to search out individual pieces. You could definitely start a business with one of these kits.

If you have a veteran jewelry maker on your hands, you might wanna try a kit in another type of jewelry. Something they haven’t done before like resin jewelry, acrylic glass jewelry, or wire jewelry. There are many types of jewelry so let them play around!


Resin Jewelry Kit

There are so many more gifts for artsy people that we could not fit them all in this post! Stay tuned for more!


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