Get Back To Your Workout Routine With The Echelon Workout Mirror Reflect

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Echelon Workout Mirror the top way to get back in to the workout routines in the privacy of your own home.

During the quarantine, we’ve all put on what is politely referred to as the “quarantine 10”. Even with the immunizations, there are people who don’t want to go back to the gym just yet. With the mirror you get personalized training and can work out with motivation, privately.

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Benefits Of The Product

The Echelon Workout Mirror Reflect gives you the motivation from personal training, records your workouts, and monitors your stats.. By using the recorded information above the mirror allows you to compete against yourself on fitness goals.

The reflect mirror is a fully immersive system that includes music, which is free to all subscribers, to offer the best workout experience.

Featured Workouts include: Meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Strength, Core, Cardio, Tone, and Boxing on demand.

This isn’t the exercise bike of the 80s or the tread mill of the 90’s. You lose no floor space.

With water, sweat, and finger proof screen it will be hard to get dirty.

The fitness gains for you personally can be immense.

How To Use The Echelon Workout Mirror

To turn the device on/off there is a switch on the back of the mirror.

For other questions see FAQ’S at the bottom of the review.

Product Description and Features

Using a smart video training system, the Reflect Echelon Workout Mirror is an advanced home gym that brings a personal trainer in to your home while also doubling as wall décor.

MODEL: Reflect

BRAND: Echelon

WEIGHT: 26 lbs

DIMENSIONS: 47.75″ H x 24″ W x 2″ D (50”)



WARRANTY INFORMATION: 1 year parts and labor

Membership NOT included

Who is the Product for?

The Reflect Echelon Workout Mirror is for anyone who wants to workout in their home.

For those who already own other echelon products and have a subscription.

For women especially because it is still a mirror.

Echelon says: “The Reflect will (also) fit in at any high end gym, hotel, residential space. or commercial space.”

What We Like About The Product

We like that the Reflect mirror feels tailored to work on our personal fitness goals.

It monitors heart rate and other stats. (heart rate, calories burned, abilities, goals, and more)

There are Hundreds of classes available.

Does not take up any floor space.

If you already own other Echelon products and have a subscription you do not need to buy another one.

What We Don’t Like About The Product

Does not do the work for you. Unluckily we still have to put in the work people!

Monthly Subscription Fee.



The mirror has a Nano crystal coating which makes it fingerprint resistant.

Easy to-use, sweat-proof, and Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen display

Hundreds of Classes to choose from.

Records workouts

No floor space is needed.

2 ways to connect to the app. 1. Through the device. 2.On the App. Compatable with Android and IOS


Monthly Fee for Services.

Does not run on 5G network.

Customer Service reviews from the end of 2020 are terrible. Most sited reason is that they don’t have great customer service. There are good reviews too but we decided to air on the side of caution and report this as a potential con.

Final Thoughts

The Echelon Workout Mirror is great if you have the right Wi-Fi setup. It has a huge list of workouts and classes available. The Reflect Mirror brings a personal trainer right in to your home making the workout more one-on-one and private.

Connectivity seems to be the biggest issue because it does not work on a 5 G connection.

It does have Wi-Fi connectivity otherwise (though even if it does not work with 5G).

For those of us trying to get rid of weight from quarantine or otherwise this product is perfect, saving the time having to go to a Gym (and in our case, embarrass ourselves)

Buy the Echelon Workout Mirror HERE



How much is Echelon monthly?

Monthly: Currently $39.99

And just in case you were wondering about other subscription plans available.

Year: $399.99

2 Years: $599.99

Can you use echelon reflect without subscription?

No. It requires subscription.

However, if you already own the subscription, you do not need another account.

Can you fast forward on Echelon app?

No but you can pause. This is do to the fact that there are many live classes.

How do you set up echelon reflect?

We direct you to the helpdesk info on this topic Here

How do you reset echelon reflect?

We direct you to the helpdesk info on this topic Here

How do i turn off the reflect mirror?

To fully turn off the device, you will need to flip the switch in the back of the mirror.

Have you used the Reflect Echelon Mirror before? What are your thoughts?

Suggestions, Comments. Questions? Leave a Reply Below! We look forward to hearing from you!

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