Excellent Presents For Outdoorsy People. Guaranteed.

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Finding presents for outdoorsy people in your life has never been easier with the internet. The gift chosen really depends on the gift recipient’s preferred outdoor activity.

Topics Discussed

  1. Gift Ideas For Hikers
  2. BushCraft Gift Ideas
  3. Campers
  4. Glampers
  5. Gifts Ideas For A Hunter
  6. Fishing Gift Ideas


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Gift Ideas For Hikers

Gifts For Hikers

For hikers, you can find compasses or GPS tracking devices that can help them find their way.

There are personal locator beacons that will call help if they get lost.

They will need light weight personal survival gear that can be carried in a small space. Think of things that will help them stay safe while on their outing, like personal survival packs. They come in small cases, cans, day packs, mole pouches, hip bags, fanny packs, etc. These are particularly good for beginners in the hiking hobby.


There are even YouTube videos that show how to build your own out of Altoid tins.


Bushcraft Gift Ideas

Bushcraft Gift Ideas

For the bushcrafters in your life there are a plethora of items that you can find. Machetes such as the kukri are ideal for many bushcraft purposes.

Depending on the time of year and location, some bushcrafters prefer a good axe or hatchet over a machete. One of the best is a Gransfors Bruks axe.

Over the last several years a resurgence in the tomahawk has been noted. In this format you have many choices from the tactical to the more traditional styles. Many can go to extraordinarily high price ranges, so a good quality one that won’t set you back too much in the pocket book, would be a Cold Steel version.


Campers and Glampers

Gift Ideas for Campers

For those who camp or glamp there are also many options. We separate the two on the distinction that campers are usually carrying less weight because they are carrying in their gear to a site, as opposed to glamping, where you drive a vehicle right to the site. Basically, a vehicle is carrying the gear straight to the door of where you are glamping, so weight is not much of an issue.


Gift Ideas For The Camper

For camping one of our favorite items is a hammock. Stores sell many camping versions that include mosquito nets.

There are camp stoves available that literally weigh ounces while still allowing you to cook safely.

For the traditionalists, there are fire-starters that offer thousands of sparks to help you create fire without the use of lighters and matches.

Gift Ideas For Glampers

For glamping there are any wonderful ideas for helping you and your families to spend the outdoors comfortably including loungers that you fill with air allowing a nice sofa to relax on. Solar powered fans and lights and Bluetooth speaker systems will allow you to bring some comforts of home to the outdoors.


Gift Ideas For A Hunter

Gift Ideas For Hunters

For the hunter in your life there are many gift ideas that can come with high and low-price tags.  Most hunting seasons are in the fall and winter months, therefore an excellent idea on the low-cost end would be hand warmers.  There are multiple styles some are reusable some are not, but if your hunter is out in cold weather, they would be appreciative of whatever style they received.

As for higher price tags it depends on the style of hunting on what those gifts could be.  There are climbing deer stands that you can wear like a backpack until you find the right spot then attach to the tree and climb up allowing you a safe place off the ground for hunting.

Camouflage apparel is also a great idea for a hunter or even better let them know that you truly care and hope that they come home safely by giving them hunters safety orange vests and caps.  This allows them to be easily identified by other hunters in the woods and helps stop the possibility of their being involved in a shooting accident.


Fishing gift ideas

Fishing Gift Ideas

From rods to reels, bait and tackle, fishing line and a over abundance of lures that can be found.  If you have someone that loves to fish in your circle of friends and family you already know that there is a huge amount of gear that comes along with their passion.

A good gift is that they can always use is a compact tackle box that would be able to hold essentials for the outings.  Whether it’s bigger than a breadbox or a smaller pocket-sized version they always seem to need extra hooks, sinkers, and a few bobbers.

If they already have all the gear imaginable, don’t worry, you can look in to filet knives and pocket multitools. These come in handy, especially if they have a needle nose plier style.


Final Thoughts

Using these and many more ideas you can gear up the outdoors person in your life allowing them to enjoy whatever outdoor activities they prefer. Whether they are a novice or a veteran outdoors, you can find products to help give an enjoyable outdoor experience.

In the weeks to come, look out for more presents for outdoorsy people articles in our summer outdoor series where we go in depth with these subjects.


If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, please leave a comment below!


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  1. Your article is very informative considering that i’m not a very outdoorsy person i would have o idea what to get someone of that nature. I also like how you explained different types of items and how they benefit the person we’re buying for, you put a lot of research into your work and is shows your dedication. Good Job!

  2. Thank you for this list! I would consider myself and outdoor person. I love nature and definitely need some more camping supplies. The list of tents under $100 interest me. I agree that you research shows that you care.

  3. I love this post. It is well-organized. I like how you set it up. It is so easy to read. If I had to buy a gift for an outside lover, I would come here to do so.

    Good job.

  4. I like the gift Ideas for the camper they are really nice especially the Military Style Jungle Hammock I have always wanted to get it but always forgot about it…but I think with this knowledge I would be getting it immediately as I would be camping be next week so I would need the best.

  5. Hey there,

    I really liked this post because I love the great outdoors. And you have listed several useful stuff that I may be purchasing overtime (I may as well bookmark your site to have all these items handy). But what I’ll definitely need now is a first aid kit. I’ll go with the one with 298.

  6. My good friends are all big into the outdoors. I am an Eagle Scout myself so I enjoy hiking, camping, and fishing. There were some great ideas on there that I already have on my lists for Christmas shopping. Being able to find the quality tents for under $100 was nice so I can purchase one for my boys to go camping in the back yard and eventually out on a trail.

  7. This website has many great gift ideas with many different categories to choose from. The outdoorsman will have much to choose from with all kinds of gear for hunting and camping. The quality of these gifts seem to be very good and it would be a smart move to check out everything that this website is promoting. Giving a good gift is very important as you will be helping a loved one or friend recieve something special.


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