Unleash Your Imagination: Fun and Creative Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

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Author: AlphaWolfe Updated 2022.

Calling all tabletop role-playing game lovers! Have we got a post for you! Dungeons and Dragon gamers are a group near and dear to my heart, and for that reason, we at sweetgiftlists.com would like to introduce you to Dungeons and Dragons gifts.

Dungeons and Dragons Gifts
Dungeons and Dragons Gifts: Dice

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

It is a tabletop fantasy role-playing game, where together with friends you pretend play (AKA Role Play) your characters. You have make believe adventures about swords and sorcery. D&D is a turn-based game where the dice determine your fate.

I’ve been playing D&D for over thirty years, off and on, so believe it or not, I have a little experience with the tabletop gaming world. It’s my favorite hobby. People are always asking what I like but when I explain it to them they have no idea what I am talking about so I decided to put this list together to help them and my fellow Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts out.

For those who don’t know, DND (or D&D), is the shorthand for Dungeons and Dragons.

Without further ado, here are some gift ideas for d&d players.

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Tabletop Dice

For the novice tabletop gamer, you can never have too many dice. Dice are critical to the game. In tabletop gaming, you roll dice to show how well your player character does whatever task they are doing. This could be for checking perception, hitting a monster, or casting a spell. The reasons for the dice roll are limitless, but the higher the roll the better you do your task.

Tabletop gaming has dice that you can’t get at the local gas station.

The dice sides can be numbered from one hundred, twenty, twelve, ten, eight, six, and four.

Color Changing Temperature Metal DND Dice Kit

Designed to change colors from the warmth of your hands much like the old mood rings that we all remember from our childhood. This is a unique set of dice and unique dice are always fun to add to your collection.

QMay DND Dice Set

42pcs Polyhedral Dice

So at 42 pieces this is a set of six dice each comes with its own bags. This is great for starting groups. Many groups start before everyone has purchased their own gear so this will allow you to share some dice or gift them to a new player allowing everyone to join the fun.

Bags of Holding

As someone who has played for years, I know that you can never have too many dice. These unique bags offer a stylish way to carry them and ensure you are ready to play.

The Dice Giveth And The Dice Taketh Away

Deluxe DND Dice Bag – D20 Collective

Beautifully stitched dice bag with cute saying on it. Measurements are roughly 8x8x3.5 meaning this bag ca literally hold hundreds of dice

MUDOR Premium PU Dice Case with Removable Perforated Tray

Holds 42 Polyhedral Dice

This zip up PU dice case is a flat case holding 6 sets of dice in this design its easy to set it on the shelf with your game books and be ready at a moments notice to grab your gear and go game.

Black Dragon DND Dice Bag

Green satin interior lining and six internal pockets allowing you to separate your dice by sides. Comes with 49 polyhedral dice meaning you will get a full seven sets of dice. 5.5″ diameter and 7″ tall. Holds up to 150 dice in a stylish dragon eye emblazed bag.

DND Dice Holder/Dagger

Holder for 7 dice one set. Customize the dagger with various colors. Allows the player to carry their dice in a stylish case and even might allow for a mock sword battle at the table.

Dungeons And Dragons Cups

Tervis Triple Walled Dungeons & Dragons™ Insulated Tumbler

Keeps Drinks Cold & Hot, 20oz – Stainless Steel

What can be said about these insulated tumblers, we see them everywhere people commuting with their morning coffee or sitting in the office enjoying a cool drink. Beautifully detailed with Dungeons an Dragons logo and just waiting for you to pour in your coffee, tea, or juice.

Dungeons and Dragons D12 Mug, Officially Licensed Wizards of the Coast Merchandise

ceramic, comes in a decorative box 

Ceramic coffee mug beautifully detailed to look like a twenty sided dice. Would look perfect on my desk or yours.

Dungeons And Dragons Beer Stein

This stainless steel dragon detailed stein holds 14 ounces and is sure to not be mistaken if you leave your coffee cup in the breakroom.

Dungeons And Dragons Books/Guides/Manuals

There are books that players will get like the player handbook, monsters manual, clerics guide. beast masters guide, wizards guide, etc. These books refer to the game and different classes within the game.

Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

Special Foil Covers Edition with Slipcase, Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual, DM Screen

These are the core books you need to start your adventures there are many more available as well but its these books that they add to. if you or someone you know is interested in starting to play D&D these are the books you need.

The “hot” book right now is Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (Rules Expansion). This was supposed to be released with the conventions (the Cons) this year, but due to the pandemic its been more of a cold release,  This book allows for the addition of new races and a load of new features in the game.  I’ve been listening to some wizards of the coast podcasts and many players are very excited about this book being released.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (D&D Rules Expansion)

This is a rules expansion book to go with the core books adding new rules and concepts to the game. it isn’t a necessary as the core books but they do add a lot more fun to the adventure.

Updated 2022: The Hot book this year is Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons.

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

Fizbans can tell you everything you want to know about the dragons. This is the new add on for the core content bringing in a lot of new dragon information and setting up some new player character classes in the game.

Other Dungeons And Dragons Board Games

Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons

Monopoly has made many customized game sets over the years. As an Arkansas fan I remember the old Hogopoly that they created for our college team. This time they work in conjunction with Wizards of the Coast to create D&D Monopoly. Featuring familiar monsters and game locations this is a must for our game shelf.

Clue Dungeons & Dragons 

The game of clue set in a D&D fantasy setting with a twist you must determine who has been replaced by a disguised devil, what weapon was used , and where the infernal puzzle box has ended up in the Forgotten Realms. Game play lasts approximately a hour. Who wants to enjoy a family game night?

For the Dungeon Master (DM)

Whether you are showing off your own DM powers or buying gifts for your dungeon master, we have a few specialized items, books, and gear for the Game Master. The Game Master or GM or DM (Dungeon Master) is a term for the person who is narrating the game. They are usually behind the screen and play the NPCs, Monster, and that crazy narrator that helps the players flesh out the world they are adventuring in.

Not every player becomes a Game Master, but for those that do they would need even more dice, DM screens (screens that block the DM’s movements and materials from the players), even more books like the monster manuals, and a plethora of other things.

D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide

Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook For The Dungeon Master.

This is a part of the core rule books we mentioned earlier and every DM needs one of these.

Adventurer’s Dungeons and Dragons Accessories Bag

with Miniatures Storage, Mat Holder, DND Dice & Token Pockets, Fits 4-8 Books, DM’s Guide, Player’s Handbook (Black)

Perfect for toting your books, dice, maps, and screens everything you need for adventure except for a group to play with. So grab your pack call your friends and onward to adventure!

Because I’m The DM That’s Why TShirt

Sizes: Small – 5XL

Colors: Black, Navy, Dark Green, Irish Green, Maroon, Dark Heather Gray, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sports Grey.

100% Cotton

Love this shirt because it is so true. The DM is the controller of the world so what they say goes much like momma.

DND Coffee Mug for Dungeon Master, “Tears of My Players”

11oz, White Black Handle

Some DM’s are meaner than others but they all get a bad reputation when a players character dies. For the DM who wants to kill their characters we bring you this beautifully decorated coffee cup.

Dungeon Master Beer Mug

Wooden Beer Stein. 22 ounces.

For the Dungeon Master that a normal coffee cup just wont do w bring you the wooden beer stein 22 ounce mug.

Dungeon Master Personalized Whiskey Gift Set In Wood Box

 laser engraved

box measures 5,5” x 5” x 4”

This laser etched 10 ounce lead free glass comes in a beautiful oak box and would look amazing sitting next to my character sheet at the table

To Miniature Or Not To Miniature?

Some groups use miniatures and others don’t. Miniatures are a newer aspect of Dungeons and Dragons gaming. Depending on your DND group, these can be a fun and interesting ways to help the players visualize their characters.

Dungeons And Dragons Miniatures Paint Set and Dungeon Starter Set

9 Terrain Paints, 3 Brushes, Miniature Scenery, XPS Foam for tiles & Hot Foam Cutter

This comes with paints brushes and some scenery if you are wating to make detailed terrain mats for your players this isexactly what you want.

18 Miniatures Townsfolk Hero For DND


Townsfolk and heroes ready for you to paint and detail for all you mini needs.

Grid Maps

These maps allows for easier placement and visualization allowing the players to get more in to the game.

Battle Grid Game Mat

Dry Erase Vinyl – 24 x 36

Dry erase board set up so that the DM can show maps on the fly multiple colored markers helps so that players can see what you need them to see.

Tidyboss: DND Starter Set Battle Game Mat -3X Double Sided Battle Board 24×36

6 Terrains Tabletop Mat, Dry Erase Markers, Eraser, Dice and Clips

These are dry erase and double sided so that you can draw up multiple designs and as the characters make their way deeper in the game more things can be revealed.

The Original Battle Grid Game Board – 23×27 

 comes in 14″ x 12″ x 1.75″ box It also comes with 7 BONUS polyhedral dice, a set of multi-colored markers, and an eraser.


There are times in the game when you must write down things you need to remember. Do it with style with these journals hand picked by our staff to add a little bit of flair to the note taking process.

Many DND players enjoy showing their love of the game in other mundane areas of life such as home decor and their wardrobe.

Help your loved one or even yourself. Show your love for tabletop gaming!


We here at sweeftgiftlists hope you enjoyed our gift list for DND players and may all your rolls be natural twenties. Until next time friends, huzzah!

Want to Play Online?

For those that have a hankering for gaming during this pandemic and have not been able to get with a group for some tabletop action, I would like to recommend roll20.net.

The site has the ability to link your character from www.dndbeyond.com allowing a fairly seamless connection to allow you to play and roll straight from your phone or computer.

For those that don’t have a group already you can search for a group to play with on roll20.net. There are many groups that play over the net and use applications like discord.  You can create characters and play on your phone.

Heck, join me at the Guild of the Phoenix on discord for live play. Watch this video on youtube  or below!

Much to my wife’s dismay I play regularly on one of the the discord game sites using my phone and headset to allow me to voice as well as text while gaming.

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