Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

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Author: AlphaWolfe

DND gamers are a group near and dear to my heart, and for that reason we at sweetgiftlists.com would like to introduce you to our Dungeons and Dragons gifts.

Dungeons and Dragons Gifts
Dungeons and Dragons Gifts: Dice

For those who don’t know, DND (or D&D), is the shorthand for Dungeons and Dragons.

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

It is a tabletop fantasy role playing game, where you get together with friends, and pretend play (AKA Role Play) your characters. You have make believe adventures about swords and sorcery.

I’ve been playing DND for over thirty years off and on, so believe it or not, I have a little experience with the tabletop gaming world.

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For the novice tabletop gamer, you can never have too many dice. Dice are critical to the game.

In tabletop gaming, you roll dice to show how well your player character does whatever task they are doing.

This could be for checking perception, hitting a monster, or casting a spell. The reasons for the dice roll are limitless, but the higher the roll the better you do your task.

Tabletop gaming has dice that you can’t get at the local gas station.

The dice sides can be numbered from one hundred, twenty, twelve, ten, eight, six, and four.


Bags of Holding

As someone who has played for years, I know that you can never have too many die. These unique bags offer a stylish way to carry them and ensure you are ready to play.


There are books that players will get like the player handbook, monsters manual, clerics guide. beast masters guide, wizards guide, etc. These books refer to the game and different classes within the game.

The “hot” book right now is Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (Rules Expansion). This was supposed to be released with the conventions (the Cons) this year, but due to the pandemic its been more of a cold release,  This book allows for the addition of new races and a load of new features in the game.  I’ve been listening to some wizards of the coast podcasts and many players are very excited about this book being released.

For the Dungeon Master (DM)

There are even specialized books and gear for the Game Master or Dungeon Master (AKA: The DM).

Not every player becomes a Game Master, but for those that do they would need even more dice, DM screens (screens that block the DM’s movements and materials from the players), even more books like the monster manuals, and a plethora of other things.

To Miniature Or Not To Miniature?

Some groups use miniatures and others don’t. Miniatures are a newer aspect of Dungeons and Dragons gaming. Depending on your DND group, these can be a fun and interesting ways to help the players visualize their characters.



Grid Maps

These maps allows for easier placement and visualization allowing the players to get more in to the game.



There are times in the game when you must write down things you need to remember. Do it with style with these journals hand picked by our staff to add a little bit of flair to the note taking process.


Many DND players enjoy showing their love of the game in other mundane areas of life such as home decor and their wardrobe.

Help your loved one or even yourself, show your love for tabletop gaming!

We here at sweeftgiftlists hope you enjoyed our gift list for DND player and may all your rolls be natural twenties. Until next time friends, huzzah!




Want to Play Online?

For those that have a hankering for gaming during this pandemic and have not been able to get with a group for some tabletop action, I would like to recommend roll20.net.

The site has the ability to link your character from www.dndbeyond.com allowing a fairly seamless connection to allow you to play and roll straight from your phone or computer.

For those that don’t have a group already you can search for a group to play with on roll20.net. There are many groups that play over the net and use applications like discord.  You can create characters and play on your phone.

Heck, join me at the Guild of the Phoenix on discord for live play. Watch this video on youtube  or below!


Much to my wife’s dismay I play regularly on one of the the discord game sites using my phone and headset to allow me to voice as well as text while gaming.

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  1. Alpha,

    OMG, ok I need that white board battle grid – either one will be fine! I’ll have to grab something for everyone else too though. These are all great ideas for the next time my crew is in the area.


  2. Hi Brianna,

    I love your site!
    I haven’t played D&D since I was in college but the the dice are spectacular and the painted miniatures are really cool! It makes me want to get back into playing. I’ll have to find some local groups and give it another go.


  3. Can you believe I have never played Dungeons and Dragons? I have heard so much about it and everyone I know who plays it just loves it. I have no idea why I haven’t played it yet. I would like to try the table top version.
    I love the dragon notebooks, they would make a great gift!


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