Cool Gifts For Teens

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Cool Gifts For Teens

Cool gifts for teens are notoriously hard to find as their wants are always changing. For most teens, tech based gifts will always catch their attention. This includes phones, headphones, wireless speakers, earbuds, game systems, controllers, etc. This is especially true during this pandemic as they can’t get out of the house.

There are items that you can get that will help them add their own individual flair to their rooms and private spaces in the house. There are cool lamps and smart bulbs that can be controlled by a cell phone. They change colors and are dimmable. Party bulbs also work here (they are just color changing bulbs sometimes with shapes).

What about the cinema marquee signs that are all the rage? There is no better way for them to express themselves with a sign they can personalize on a whim.

Give the gift of a hobby. Crafting kits of all types work here like woodworking kits, robotics kits, jewelry making kits, leather working kits, soap making kits, candle making kits, etc.

Now is also a good time to learn astronomy. Your teen can practice social distancing by sitting in the back yard with a telescope enjoying the night sky.

We have also added fun t shirts and books to this list.

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Craft Kits / Projects



Cool Gifts For Teens: Tech

Bluetooth Sunglasses:





Game Systems:

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Lite


Nintendo 2Ds XL


Vintage: Plug in Play





Cool Gifts For Teens: Funny Gifts

Funny T Shirts:

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22 thoughts on “Cool Gifts For Teens”

  1. Great ideas for cool gifts for teens. My teens are so hard to shop for so this will help me so much. My daughter has the tortilla blanket and she loves it! I’m going to order a couple for birthdays coming up.
    Thanks for sharing and all these great ideas.

  2. Hello, I have just reviewed this article with my daughter and she absolutely loved Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit. I have read further reviews on Amazon and it is a must have. Thanks for this!

  3. Some really cool and unusual gifts here! I was at a loss for what to get my fourteen year old nephew but now I am spoilt for choice from your list! Thank you for this!

  4. I love that this list includes minimal technology and lots of books and creative gifts. While, I don’t think teens shouldn’t have any tech, I feel like it should be minimal, especially when they have the opportunity to learn and grow outdoors or by doing something creative. Love this list of ideas. Thanks for the great gift ideas!

  5. I love the list of gifts for teens you’ve listed here. Some look super fun especially the moon lamp. Others funny gifts made me chuckle. You’ve covered it all. Thank you for sharing this extensive list of gifts.

    Best wishes

  6. What a great list of suggestions of coll gifts for teens. I have two boys that enjoyed tech based gifts like new PlayStation games or controls, but also love the outdoors. So a new tennis racket or bicycle or anything associated with that, used to be my first thought when a birthdays present or Christmas present had to be selected. 

  7. It’s so good to have someone run these ideas past teen parents. I find the gifts listed to be unique in that they actually help a child develop a skill. Teens like to learn new things from their peers and outside the home due to the energy they have at this stage. During this time when this isn’t really possible this is the best opportunity to invest in some of these items. Not only do they help the kids practice social distancing and not get bored by it, but they develop and sharpen their ever busy minds. 

  8. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! Teens can certainly be difficult to shop for, as their interests are ever changing, and we want to get a gift that isn’t “too childish” or “too mature.” You have provided an excellent selection of products to choose from! I have three teen birthdays to buy for, and I’ve found my go-to site! God bless you!

  9. These are such great gift ideas for teenagers. I have teens and it is always a challenge to buy anything for them especially clothes. I like that you have a lot to choose from. I am curious, what do you think about books as gifts for kids. I run into books I wouldn’t have minded reading as a teen and I am tempted to get some for my fifteen year old for his birthday. What are your thoughts.

  10. Hey

    That is a great list of cool gift ideas for teens. I gotta admit its a department I usually struggle with so these will come in handy with 2 birthdays coming up 🙂

    I particularly like the bluetooth beanie hat, fantasic idea.

    Thanks for posting


  11. Hi,
    These are some really great gifts for teens. Teens are so difficult to buy gifts for latley.
    Looking at the Nintendo Switch this is a great gift I’ll be looking into for my son’s 9th birthday. I rekon he will love it.

  12. Hey,

    I am so pleased I came across your article. I am going up to Liverpool on Thursday to see my family, which includes a teenage niece and teenage nephew. I was going to just give them money, but this time I think I’ll get them something cool. The Jewelry for my niece is definitely something she would love, and I’m a bit indecisive about either a book or the bluetooth glasses for my nephew. I know which one he would prefer (the glasses).

    I’ll have a think and make up my mind in time.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work you do.

    All the best,


  13. Cool gifts for teens is very helpful for choosing the best gifts for teenagers, I know from my own experience buying for my teenage nephews and seniors are my two most difficult age groups to shop for.

    Thank you for all the gift ideas


  14. Some really great teen gift ideas here which ham so grateful for. in ever know what to get my nephew but its given me some ideas.
    I think he’d love the inflatable hammock!
    love your articles!

  15. Brilliant,
    This is brilliant. I was in the party favour and gift business a long time ago and one of the challenges for finding the right kinds of gifts for teenage girls and boys.

    You have done all the hard work. This is exciting.

    I love the range from books, personal items, crafts, explorations and lots more.

    You didn’t leave any one out.
    Great job.


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