Cool Gifts For Gardeners

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Cool Gifts For Gardeners

After starting a home garden, we decided to create a list of cool gifts for gardeners. While “cool” is relative we did the best we could!

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 Whether your gardener is a beginner or an old pro, we have gifts for every type of recipient.

More than likely your gardener has the tools they need, so if you go this route make sure the tool is unique in some way.

Items they already own could be tools, gloves, and planting pots. Hopefully, you already know how in to gardening your recipient is, so that you can pick the right level of gift they might want.

While your gardener might own pots, you can still gift one as long as it meets the “unique in some way” criteria. Planting pots come in many shapes, styles, and colors so you won’t be short on choice!

Gear you might consider would be kneeling or sitting gardening pads or gardening chairs. The pads will be lighter than the chairs and easily movable. The chairs are going to be heavier for obvious reasons but they often have some sort of tool carrier attachment too.

There are some other non-obvious gift choices like rainwater collection systems, belt clip on pest control devices, and composting systems that are great for gardeners too.



Gardening Education and How to Books.


Garden Décor


Using planters like these, you can extend your gardening season and maximize your space. You can even gift these to gardeners in urban spaces.

Bird Feeders

Bring nature Into your gardener’s space.


Fountains and water features bring relaxation and tranquility to any garden space and offer a beautiful focal point!

Outdoor Lighting

Light up the garden so it can be enjoyed at night too! Ambiance lighting will provide safety and security on your property as well.

Solar Lights

These will provide ambiance lighting without adding to your electric bill!

Tools and Gear

Special Tools

With this equipment, no one will have to ask how your garden grows! (Even if your name is Mary!)

Gardening Aprons

While any apron can fit the bill, the ones below have all the special pockets for tools so that they can be kept close at hand.


A gardener can never have too many pairs of gardening gloves. The ones we picked below are each unique in their own way and are considered luxury gloves.


These bad boys help improve soil conditions by breaking down waste in to mulch. This adds nutrients to the soil all while recycling food and yard waste.

Cool Gifts For Gardeners: Rainwater Collectors

A great idea for helping reduce water waste. Collecting rainwater allows you to water your yard and garden without the strain being put on to public utilities. Plus rain water is lighter and healthier for the plants! (None of the harsh chemicals such as fluoride which is found in most public water sources.)

Cool Gifts For Gardeners: Soil Meter/Soil Tester

Gardening Tool Kits With Hard Carry Case 

All in One Gift Set

Cool Gifts For Gardeners: T Shirts

Show off your gardener’s unique flair and personality with these whimsical t-shirts.

For Women

For Men

For Both Women and Men


Need more ideas? Click Here For Gifts For Plant Lovers.

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7 thoughts on “Cool Gifts For Gardeners”

  1. I love the practical gift ideas. I have been looking for a composter and I love those little wagons! Not practical but cute cute cute! I can totally see those in my garden.

  2. This couldn’t come at a much better time than this because this post has actually given me a much better idea of what to buy and get for my uncle’s birthday. I actually wanted to get Jon something personal in line with his job as a gardener and I was literally down on ideas of what it could be. Thank you so much for sharing this here. I value everything shared here by you. Thumbs up to you

  3. This is very perfect for me as I have bee searching for a good gift that I can give to my Gardener friends and here you have a list of things that I can give. I thi k getting him tools that he uses will make him very appreciative or maybe a branded t-shirt. Maybe I would just buy the two for him. You’re really kind here.

  4. Whenever I see these things I just smile and place it really informative and make sure I get one of these gifts for mum who is really into gardening and I find it really nice to have such passion for something and putting in your best at all times. I would love to try finding it seen and get her one

  5. Thank you very much for this post. I know that during this pandemic one of the things gardeners have turned to is their gardens. And that’s my dad’s case. He really enjoys being out there all day working and the results are impressive. His birthday is around the corner and I wanted something special for him and your have helped me make up my mind what to give to him. And I think it is a soil meter. Thanks!

  6. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it ha been of help to me. I really love your selection I have a few friends who are Gardner’s and I know they would like this gifts especially the bird feeders.

  7. These are great and relevant gifts for those interested in gardening. My mother loves gardening and I often see her using her hands without gloves and without an apron. These two items will come handy as I think of buying them for her as a gift.

    Thank you for sharing this post.


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