Changing Shopping Habits During A Pandemic

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With the coronavirus we pretty much have to do everything at home. Sure, some places have opened up but in a limited capacity. Let s face it no one actually wants to get sick. That’s why we have all changed our routines. We need to look at changing our shopping habits during a pandemic.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but we need to start planning for the foreseeable future, and start buying stuff that caters to this new lifestyle.

There are many ways to help cope with the fact we all feel like we are missing things due to the pandemic.


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Tray of Burgers and French Fries | Eating Out

Changing Shopping Habits During A Pandemic


Like eating out?

Of course, you do, but it was expensive before the pandemic.

Learn how to make your favorite dishes. Not only is it cheaper but it often tastes better.

Sometimes when learning new recipes and skills you realize you require a few kitchen machines and gadgets. These are good purchases because you will use them again and again.


A good example is, you like going out for barbeque, well invest in a grill.

They make all kinds of grills these days.

Some even take most of the work away from the cook. Just slap some meat and/or veggies down and walk away for however long it takes.

Again, grills would be a great purchase because you can use it again and again!

Electricity goes out, no problem, you are prepared, dinner will be moved to the grill.


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Out Door Movie Theater

Miss going to the movies? Try getting a projector and doing home movie nights.


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Two Boys Working Side by Side on Laptops

Miss hanging with friends? Try an online game. These are very popular with the guys and many game systems have been set up to allow multiplayer games. Most have a communication set up allowing you to wear headsets and talk with your friends while playing.


In our family, we have all become more and more familiar with family meeting apps or just plain meeting apps like “Zoom’” that allow you to have face to face conversations with family members as long as they have either a cell phone or the internet. At this time these apps are more important than ever.


We have to start taking the situation seriously and change how we shop. That does not mean you have to quit buying your favorite shampoo, but try to make better shopping decisions!


Ask yourself how does this help me live?


This does not just apply to survival, but to your SANITY!


“I can’t go to the masseuse.”  Buy a massage chair.


Alright. You got me.


Massage chairs are a huge investment, but I think by now you get what I mean.

Maybe it takes a Home spa day instead! But give yourself what you need to cope and to live your best life!


We have to start looking at how to make our lives in and around our homes. The pandemic is not going anywhere soon, so it is time to take a look at changing your shopping habits during this pandemic. So, buckle down, we might be in this for the long haul!

5 thoughts on “Changing Shopping Habits During A Pandemic”

  1. You’re so right, this pandemic has made us seen how online shopping will be the new norm in the coming months and possibly years. Though some items are big purchases, like massage chairs, home gym, home spa, etc. they are the ones that help us keep our sanity, as you so rightly put it. In the past two months, besides groceries, the rest of our shopping had been done online, especially kids’ toys.

    Thanks for the insights in this write-up!

  2. Hi, how very true-many of us should rethink our shopping habits. As for myself, I looooved pacing the stores, I really enjoyed doing my shopping in person, taking a good look, choosing item by item. However, now that I moved everything online, I realised that it was one of the best things I could do. I really buy only what we need, not everything I see and can’t resist. Not only my spendings decreased, but I found myself sticking more to healthy food when it comes to groceries, for instance.

  3. Hi,
    You’ve given us some great recommendation of products here which will help us to be as closer to the ‘norm’ as possible during the pandemic.

    I’m so glad to have come across your article for inspiration.

    Best Wishes

  4. Great article. Very timely as well. I now pay most bills online because of the pandemic. I sometimes go to a restaurant and get food to go. Walk outside for exercise and talk with family through chatting apps on the phone.

    Thanks for sharing.


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