Buying Cosmetics as a Gift

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Buying Cosmetics as a Gift

It will undoubtedly not be a surprise to learn that I adore makeup and cosmetics, and often treat myself. However, beauty can be a very personal thing, and purchasing a woman’s cosmetic gift can be surprisingly tricky.

Fear not, I am here to carefully guide you through the pitfalls of buying gifts, and more importantly, what not to buy!

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The first factor to consider is whether your intended recipient only ever uses one particular brand. There is no point in buying a gift set from Maybelline and then discovering she only ever uses L’Oreal. The same also applies if she has expensive tastes and would not be impressed if you presented her with a cheaper brand.

Another area to avoid is a gift that is labeled as anti-aging. You may think you are doing your wife or girlfriend a favor by helping with her skincare, but perhaps she may see it as an insult. Stick to products with no particular claims about their effects, but are merely decorative or have a lovely fragrance.

Buying an individual product won’t have as much impact as a gift set, particularly if it has packaging that can be re-used and will always remind her of you even when the contents have been taken out of it. Many products come in pretty tins or baskets.

Perhaps your partner has a passion for the environment, in which case you need to look for eco-friendly or vegan cosmetics and ensure they have not been tested on animals (cruelty-free).

The color of cosmetics is also essential. Many products are described as “nude,” but obviously, there can be hundreds of variations of this shade. This does not have to be avoided as a gift choice as nude goes with any skin tone, but you may want to avoid bright colors unless you know the recipent will wear such eyecatching colors.

It is important to note that what suits one woman will may not look good on another.

There are colors such as nude, brown, and peach that look good on anyone. They are considered “neutral” colors.

As a makeup enthusiast, I love all brands but I do have a certain love for specific brands. My list includes Besame Cosmetics (Gorgous Vintage with Modern twist),Too Faced (has the best and most lovely palettes), Benefit (it does what is say on the tin), Tarte (Gotta Love that Amazonian Clay), just to name a few!

Besame Cosmetics

Besame Consmetics is a luxury vintage makup line. They are featured in many magizines and movies!

They are cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, mineral-oil free, phthalates free, and formaldehyde free!


Every Lipstick is

  • Triple Pigmented,
  • Feather Proof,
  • Long Wearing
  • Has A Satin Finish
  • Has A Subtle Vanilla Flavor
  • Is Enriched with Vitamin E, Squalane, Aloe
  • and Encased in a Gorgeous Gold Metal Tube
  • It is also Meticulously Formulated for Sensitive Skin

We’ve picked six of our favorite colors but there are so many more shades available.


Too Faced

Too faced is a luxury consmetic line that is cruelty free. They are known for there awsome, usually limited edition, palettes! These make great gifts and they go with every skin tone! There are even collections that come with more than just the main palettes!



Holiday Palettes

An important thing to remember is if you are unsure of what cosmetics line she likes it is usually possible to find a gift card to allow her the oppurtunity to find the unique make up that she will adore on her own.

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