Bath Bombs And Shower Steamers

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Bath Bombs

Make bath time anything but boring! Drop in a bath bomb and let your imagination take you away!

Bathbombs and Shower Steamers

Bath Bomb Instructions

Run water in to a bath tub with a stopper. Drop in a bath bomb. Get in to bath! It’s that simple!

 Types Of Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs come in sizes extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. They come with different fragrances and experiences. Some are packed with soothing ingredients others are a color show for your bath. Bath Bombs, sometimes called bath fizzies, can contain essential oils and Epsom salts. Make sure to read the ingredients!

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Single Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs With Jewelry Inside

Bath Bombs With Toys Inside

Bath Bomb Gift Sets

Shower Steamers

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