Back To School Gifts For Teachers

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Are you searching for the best back to school gifts for teachers? Well, look no more because we have some great ideas for you!

Traditional Gifts

Are you looking to give something to a teacher who you do not know well enough to buy something too unique? Go traditional – this is not only allowed, but appreciated.

Think about what you are giving and how they will use the items. Some great ideas are coffee mugs, thermos, organizational notebooks and journals, fun stickies, gel pens just for them (no sharing allowed) or even a cute pencil case – something the kids will like too so they appreciate their teacher’s style!

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School Supplies

It is certainly not a secret that most teachers spend a good amount of money out of their own paycheck to buy additional school supplies for their classrooms. Why not use your gift to help a teacher out?

You can buy budget items such as pens, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, loose-leaf paper, or single subject notebooks. Schools are also always in need of tissue boxes, hand-sanitizer, and hand wipes – although those items might be a little more difficult to come by this year!

Fun and More Personal Gifts

Being a teacher can be both hard-work and rewarding. He or she is running from class to meetings all day. They stay after school and skip lunches and spend many hours preparing for lessons or grading tests and papers. This can certainly make eating a well-balanced meal difficult. Sometimes snack time can not even be worked into their schedule.

This is where you come in. There are so many different food items a teacher would love to receive as a gift. Chocolate or baked goods are great, so are gift cards to their favorite sit-down restaurants as well as popular fast food places.

You might want to even invest in a gift basket. If the teacher does not have time for regular meals, getting a crave basket full of snacks might be the gift the keeps on giving.

This writer’s mom made teacher survival gift baskets and chocolate dipped strawberries!

Remember, whatever you get your teacher – they will appreciate it! Have fun shopping today!

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