Aries Gifts For The Aries Zodiac Sign

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Aries Dates: March 20st
– April 19th

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Ram

Ruling Planet: Mars

Constellation: Aries

Color: Red

Body: The Head

Tarot Card: The Emperor


Aries like to be number one so it is fitting that they are the first sign in the zodiac wheel. Aries also kicks off the spring season.

Aries symbol is the ram.

Aries element is fire. The other fire signs are Sagittarius and Leo.

Aries Personality:  Bold, ambitious, courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate, fearless, motivated, cheerful disposition and relentless determination

“Tell an Aries they can’t,

they’ll look at you like,

“watch me”.”

Aries Gifts


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Home Décor

Cute Cartoon Aries Ram Throw Pillow

Aries Throw Pillow “It’s because I’m an Aries”

Aries Blanket

Aries Art Print


Aries Stemless Etched Wine Glass that features Aries and the different constellations.

Aries nutrition coffee mug

Aries Constellation Mug



Spa basket designed for the Aries in your life.


Aries Personality Definition T shirt.

“Aries” T Shirt.

Aries T Shirt 3. Aries symbol T Shirt.



“Aries” Necklace. Choose from 4 different fonts.

Aries Constellation Necklace



Aries Brew Coffee



All About Aries book. “Aries: The Ultimate Guide to an amazing Zodiac Sign in Astrology”.  Paperback.

Have your own personal astrology birth chart book made or make one for someone else as a gift





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