35 Christmas Gifts For The Outdoorsman

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List of Christmas Gifts For The Outdoorsman.

Finding Christmas Gifts For The Outdoorsman can be tricky especially if they already have a lot of gear. We have complied a list to make gift shopping for your outdoorsman a little easier.

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No outdoorsman should be without a hammock. These swings are fold able, easy to store, and carry. All you need to put it up is two trees and you have the perfect campsite!

Kukri Knife

This is a machete that is weighted sort of like an axe. It is great for chopping tasks as well as an all round knife.


In areas with forests a hatchet is something all outdoorsman should carry.  The hatchet will chop through things that a normal machete would break trying to use it.


Telescopes are a fun addition to any family. While they are portable, they tend to be heavy, so they are not an everyday carry, but they can be an exciting add on to any camping trip. Plus they can be used at home, so telescopes are a great idea for any outdoorsman!

Sleeping Bag

No camper should be without their sleeping bag especially on colder nights! Every outdoorsman needs somewhere to sleep.

Outdoor Chairs

While not a necessity, chairs bring a bit of comfort to any outdoor surroundings. We like to keep ours in the car for anything that comes up and they sure have come in handy!

Fire Starters

Yet another item your outdoorsman can’t be without! (And they can never have too many!) Anyone who loves the great outdoors needs a way to start a fire. Fire means survival! Fire Starters can be given as a gift or put in a stocking!

First Aid Kits

A must for any trip and home because you never know what could happen. Should also contain band-aids, burn ointment, tweezers, scissors, ace bandage, etc.

Survival Kit

These survival kits have everything you need to survive in the outdoors in a easy to carry pouch. In most cases these will have things like fire starters, rope, mylar blanket, and knife. It is important to check your survival kit and make sure you know how to use everything in the kit before an emergency happens.


A GPS device is something important to carry on all trips out in to the woods. It will allow you to find your way home as well as let you pin an area of interest so that you can find the spot again later. This item does not take the place of a standard compass but it is still a good idea to have both.

Solar Power Lights

This will allow you to have lights at your campsite or home without having to worry about batteries or fuel. Some people even like to have them as a “just in case” back up.


Whether a hunter or an outdoor enthusiast, orange vests alert other people to your presence. With hunting season coming, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Personalized Steel Flasks

Many outdoorsman carry a little alcohol with them when they are out in the woods to enjoy around the camp fire. Alcohol is also carried for emergency antiseptic.

Candle Wood Scent

Bring the outside indoors with this lovely wood scented candle.

Art Prints

Filter Water Bottle


List of Christmas Gifts For The Outdoorsman.

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  1. So many awesome gift to choose from! Thanks for sharing this list. I’m looking for a Christmas gift for my oldman. He’s an outdoorsman who works as a forest keeper (something like a forest ranger) and I believe I have found a perfect gift for him for the upcoming holidays! He’s a fan of survival kniwes and other such gadgets, so I’ll check your recommendations on that topic. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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