30 Of The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When it comes to the best baby shower gifts there are so many options! As a result, it can be tricky to narrow down what is important and what is not. There are to many gadgets, bobbles, and shiny things to catch your attention, so we wanted to make a list of things a new mom actually needs. So here is our list of the the best baby shower gift ideas.

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Baby Clothes

1. Onesies: Sizes 1 – 24 months

Don’t Just buy one size. Opt for larger sizes. Babies grow too fast to only give one size. I know that sometimes cloths are too cute to resist, but if you can’t find it in the right size give it a pass. Some babies are born bigger or smaller than size 1 month and it does no good to have 70 size 1 onesies and no clothing for the other months. There will be babies who stay in size one for several months, but in this writers’ case, my baby was over 9lbs and just shy of 2 ft long. We definitely needed larger sizes and at a rapid pace! (FYI: My now 3 year old is the size of a kindergartner!)

2. Socks: More often than not a baby is going to wear socks over shoes. That does not mean shoes are completely out, but remember a new baby has sensitive feet. Soft and comfortable, cute if possible, socks are the way to go.

3. Gift certificates to baby clothes stores,

Mommy Clothes

4. Robe, Socks, Pajamas: Plan to give comfortable and soft clothing for the new mommy’s time at the hospital. Cute is always a plus. Clothes that are easily removed are best.

Baby Bottles

Please oh please don’t buy the “cheap ones” or at least limit how many you give. They don’t hold up very well as they are often made of inferior materials.

5. Try These instead. They last longer, have interchangeable nipple sizes, and are just better overall. You don’t have to buy the biggest package one or two is just fine.

6. Baby Bottle Scrubber

7. Baby Bottle Milk Warmer

Diaper Bag

8. Diaper Bag

For some parents that are constantly on the go a normal diaper bag may be something that they shy away from. That’s not a bad thing as you can replace this with a backpack. It’s more covert and has a less “kiddy” feel to it.

Baby Carriers

9. Baby Carry Wrap

10. Baby Carry Backpack

11. Travel Combo Stroller Set


12. Blankets

13. Sheets

14. Swaddle Blankets: Sometimes the babies will have issues sleeping, swaddle blankets can be a godsend at times like these.  There are techniques that you can find on youtube or baby magazines but speaking from experience there are times that the babies will fight sleep and everything else until they are swaddled and then will drop off to blissful sleep.

Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts might not get the loudest “ooohhhsss” and “aaahhhs”, but the new mom will thank you when its 2 am and she is arm deep in diaper and she remembers gift pack with wipes in the other room.

15. Diapers

16. Wipes

17.  Gift Certificate for Diapers and Wipes (Or to places to buy diapers)

18. Burp Cloths

19. Bibs

20. Pacifiers with pacifier clips

21. Baby Monitors

Bath Time

22. Baby Bath or Bath Aid Bath Supporter:

This is one that gets missed quite often at baby showers and by new parents. When it comes time for bath time, new parents will be so grateful for a baby bath or baby bath supporter. They have ones that make bath time a breeze! Taking a bath is such a normal part of life that I think people often miss the obvious, baby needs a wash too!

23. Head Bands: These head bands for the water drain off are a major boon to parenting. No more soap and water in the eyes! This makes it bath time so much more fun for baby!

A new born supply kit can also help with bath time if it includes baby shampoo and lotion which leads us to …

Newborn Supply Kit

24. shampoo, baby lotion, baby powder, small towels, no tears conditioner (for babies with hair), diaper rash cream, wipes, diapers, thermometer, gripe water, baby enemas, band aides, etc.

This could be a DIY kit or one already made!

Its important to start the newborn off with a skin care regiment.  Bath time then lotion to help keep that baby soft skin.  Powders and creams also assist with the dreaded diaper rash that all babies will suffer through sooner or later.

You could also add the head bands for water drain off.


25. Soft play mat area type toys also called baby activity gyms.

26.  Bumpo for sitting

Not exactly a toy, but it aides during playtime. The bumpo helps baby sit up on their own. It helps train the core muscles that are used to sit up so baby can achieve this milestone faster.

It is a bit large to carry every where with you, but we (hubbie and I) found it was a better substitute for the carrier or high chair, especially at restaurants.  Plus it allows baby to sit in a booth with the family!

27. Tummy Pillows

Tummy Time!!!

28. Soft Texture Toys


29. A baby photo Album or album kit is appropriate here.

30. You could also give one of these “baby firsts” boxes! Not only are they cute but it gives the parents space to keep a few special mementos in a safe place

You can, of course, dress up your gifts with ribbons and bows, bobbles, and shiny things. There are so many cute DIY ideas for baby showers that you can take advantage of like diaper towers and onesies and sock cupcakes!

Questions? Suggestions? Comments for the Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas? Make sure to leave your response below!

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8 thoughts on “30 Of The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas”

  1. I am so pleased to have found this. My friend just told me that she is pregnant and I want to get her something valuable. Haveing a baby can be very expensive so I am pleased to be able to help her. Thank you for these wonderful ideas.

  2. Your article has definitely expanded my view on baby shower gifts. Whenever I attend one the norm is baby tees and onesies. I had never imagined the list to be so diverse as to include feeding bottles, mom’s carrier bag and clothes. I can’t wait to surprise my friends with all these beautiful gifts when the need arises. Thank you. 

  3. Love this post!  Socks are my favorite on the list!  It is something that no one ever thinks of but it a huge need for babies!  They frequently take them off and loose them plus they are so dang itty bitty that you never find them again!  I also love the idea for mom clothes and I would add mom pampering gifts.  The most thoughtful gift I was given was a mom basket which was filled with face masks, bath salts, fuzzy socks, etc…plus some baby items.  My friend told me she has always done this for her pregnant friends because when she was pregnant she got a mom basket and it made her cry.  Since then I have always included some sort of mm pampering gifts when I attend baby showers as well!  


    • Mom gifts are a great idea but they since they are not a “need” they did not make the list! We will be doing another post for mom pampering! 

  4. Hi, I really like this site. I always have a difficult time figuring out what to buy for friends and family and when my thought process fails I tend to look online for suggestions. I do have a few friends who are pregnant at the moment, complements of this worldwide lockdown. lol. I like these suggestions so I am bookmarking your site.

    Thank you. More options would be nice too.


    Candy Benn

  5. Sometimes we just need ideas for gifts! 

    I know I do. I just don’t have a knack for knowing the perfect gift. 

    This baby shower list is nice because if our kids are teens now, like mine are, we kind of forget the whole baby stage. Seeing the things on your list brings back the memories of what we loved when our own babies were born.

    I appreciate the advice to buy nice bottles, even if it’s only a couple. Those Avent bottles are the ones I used but I don’t think the had the anti-colic ones back then. I could have really used those!

  6. Awesome post

    This is a nice article on best baby shower gift, i love babies though i don’t know much about the gifts to get for baby shower but this article has rendered help to me, it is a really a great insight, and i learnt a lot, and the next time am going for a baby shower i won’t have a challenge on which gift to get, baby cloth and bottle is really a nice gift and they come with different features and size. All these gifts you listed are nice, i will share this article for those having difficulties in choosing baby gifts as well. Thanks for sharing.


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