25 Stocking Stuffers For Crafters

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List Of Stocking Stuffers For Crafters

Everything on this list is very versatile, can go with any project and is under $10 (Most are under $5). This list should make finding stocking stuffers for your crafter a breeze. If you have anything to add to the list please make sure to comment below.

Stocking Stuffers For Crafters

  1. Mini Close Pins
  2. Glue Sticks: A must! I like to buy the big packs that stores carry during back to school events. I just picked up a pack of 12 for 2.97 at Walmart.
  3. Buttons: Can be bought or found. Do you have a bunch of buttons from shirts that you don’t use? Re gift for stocking stuffers for your crafter. Buttons can be bought at craft stores, although they usually come in one color jars. Buttons have endless uses so this is a perfect gift.
  4. Washi tape: Decoration tape perfect for all projects. Most often used as borders.
  5. Stickles: Glitter Glue
  6. Paint brushes
  7. Modpodge: A small container of ModPodge can fit in any stocking!
  8. Glossy Accents: A clear 3D embellishment liquid that makes any project pop!
  9. Embossing Powders: Come in matte, shine, and glitter.
  10. Ink Stamp Pad: Any Color
  11. Glue Stamp Pad: For Embossing powders to adhere to the page.
  12. Stamps: While any Stamp is acceptable the clear block kind are best.
  13. Embossing Folders:
  14. Die Cuts: used to cut a specific shape out of a material
  15. Stickers: Cute Stickers are always welcome!
  16. Colored Pencils
  17. Glitter (Loose)
  18. Colorful Permanent Markers
  19. Embroidery Thread
  20. Color Gel Pens
  21. Paint Markers: Both fine tip and bold tip
  22. Archival Ink Stamp Pad
  23. Water Color Markers
  24. Water Colors:
  25. Water Color Clear Pens: These are clear pens that you fill with water and then apply to water colors or water color markers.

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Have any ideas or suggestions for stocking stuffers for crafters? Leave a comment below and we will do our best to locate and include the products you want!

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