10 Reasons Why You Need A Blow Dryer (And Other Blow Dry Styling Tips.)

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Blow Drying Styling Tips

10 Reasons Why You Need A Blow Dryer (And Other Blow Dry Styling Tips.)

Let’s face it, the best reasons for owning a blow dryer revolve around your hair but there are some surprising uses to have one as well.

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4 Reasons why you need a blow dryer just for your hair

1. To dry hair.

2. To style hair. Styling hair with heat will help maintain the hairstyle longer. The low heats can help mold the hair.   By blow drying your hair the correct way you can add volume to your hairstyle.

3. Saves time by getting you ready earlier instead of waiting to air dry.

4. It’s better for your hair health.

6 Other Uses For A Hair Dryer

1. Great for dusting some of those hard to dust knickknacks and tchotchkes. Run the dryer on low heat and blow the dust away.

2. We ran a florist for a while and we used to make all sorts of goody baskets. With the correct plastic wrap you can use a bow dryer to shrink-wrap items.  This helped keep the items wrapped tightly and kept the basket stay aesthetically pleasing during the delivery process. It was also a good way to wrap up our handmade soaps!

3. A blow dryer can remove water rings left on wood furniture. This has saved us many times over having a young child in the house.  When he is drinking, he tends to just sit the cup down wherever, when visiting his great grandparents in a house full of antiques it came in very handy to remember.

4. Thanks having children we have  added another item on our list as well… blow dryers can help remove crayon and any other waxy build up.  Heat it up and wipe it away.

5. To add a little extra insulation in the winter months you can tape up window panels over the inside of house windows.  This is a big clear plastic sheet that after taping you use a blow dryer to tighten the fit.  It blocks against drafts through windowsills as well as adds a layer of dead air space to help keep the house warmer.

6. Craft Projects: The use for a blow dryer with craft projects is endless. On giant obvious reason to use a blow dryer is to quickly dry wet projects.

7. Drying hair and other things during the winter like wet socks and gloves. That automatic dryer for when it is cold outside.

Blow Dryer VS Hair Dryer

Both terms actually mean the same thing. The big difference being that “blow dryer” is a term mostly used in America with “Hair Dryer” being the world term.

Is it better to air dry or blow dry? (Blow Drying VS Air Drying)

Blow drying your hair can cause damage if the heat is too high and too hot, or you blow dry too close to the scalp, which causes the hair to over dry.

Air drying your hair can cause problems because

it leaves the hair wet for too long on the scalp. This can cause a fungal infection.

Plus Styling wet hair can cause breakages, dandruff and split ends.

How to use hair dryer without damaging hair

The solution: Be careful with the temperature. Medium heat is fine. Blow dry your scalp to at least 80 % and air dry the rest if you must. Be sure to hold the blow dryer away at least 10-12 inches away as to not over dry.

Straightens hair and removes knots caused during the shampooing process.

Styling wet hair can cause breakages and split ends as well as the hair style will not look as styled once dried due to the evaporation in the hair itself.

Remember to use heat protection products on your hair as it helps with protecting the hair from breakage and heat damage.

Remember the goal is to have healthy, happy, hair!

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