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Gifts today are needed more than ever. Sending gifts, even tiny ones, shows that you care. It shows you recognize and appreciate a person. It shows thoughtfulness and that the person was on your mind. You took the time to find and then send a gift.

I know for everyone this is not an option as so many people are out of work and struggling right now. That is why for those of you who can, take the time. It does not need to be big.

We are all in a situation where we are shut indoors and isolated. Sending a gift shows that they are not alone.

 We need ways to entertain ourselves like games, DIY projects, coloring books, adult coloring books, crossword puzzles etc.

 This is time that people need recognition, thoughtfulness, caring, and understanding.

Can you imagine picking up your mail or opening the door to a brand new book and it’s that book you’ve always wanted. It would mean the world to know that someone cares enough about you to remember that! They remembered and recognized your interests!

Maybe someone sent you something that has meaning to you like a birthday gift or anniversary gift, or a remembrance of some sort. Your whole world opens up with one small gesture!

The good you can create in the universe has no price!Show people you care and you are thinking of them.

This could also apply to business client relationships especially when clients are meaningful to you.

The Good News is that gifting in today’s world comes at the click of button (or a few buttons). You don’t even have to leave your house!

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